2013 Global Powertrain Virtual Summit

December 12, 2013

Global Online Event, Pennsylvania, USA

Live Webcast Presentations - View On-Demand:

Designing Off-Highway Drivetrains to Meet End-User Demands

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Celanese   Honda

Today's off-highway drivetrain requirements are more demanding than ever. Fleet managers need powerful equipment that reduce emissions and improve fuel economy - all while enhancing comfort, safety, and reliability. To keep up with these end-user demands, OEMs and Tier suppliers must innovate through technology. Featuring experts from key off-highway companies, this webcast will address global emission standards, future hardware designs based on performance, and the implications at the component level for these design innovations. Attendees will be able to interact with the experts during the program's live Q&A segment.

Paul Meyer, Global Manager of Tractor Drivetrain Engineering, John Deere
Rob Smithson, Vice President, Powertrain Innovations Engineering, Dana
Simon May, Project Manager, Lubrizol

Vehicle Onboard Fuel Additive Systems: Exploring Their Role and Value

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Onboard dosing of fuel additives is a proven strategy being used in high-volume vehicle production today. In such a system, a custom fuel additive package is dosed into the fuel on board the vehicle. This webcast will highlight how onboard dosing systems are being used by OEMs and explore additional opportunities for on-board additive systems to solve some of the most demanding industry challenges. Examined will be an application that involves a fuel-borne catalyst that optimizes diesel particulate filter operation. Also discussed will be an application involving an onboard additive system that provides protection against fuel system issues in regions with variable fuel quality. The program will also include a live Q&A.

Thierry Séguelong, Global Market Manager, Fuel Additives & Systems, Solvay Rare Earths Systems
Magali Pudlarz, OEM Account Manager, Lubrizol

GF-6: The Path to Improved Fuel Economy

Sponsored by:
Honda   IBM

This webcast will explore how updated EPA and NHTSA regulations for greenhouse gases and fuel economy, as well as gasoline direct-injection (GDI) engine technology itself, are driving the upgrade from GF-5 to the new GF-6 engine oil specification. GF-6 is designed to address the unique lubricant requirements of GDI engines and improve engine oil's contribution to fuel economy and reduced greenhouse gases. Since both GDI and turbocharged GDI engines are expected to capture 60-65% of the North American new passenger car market by 2019, OEMs are now working closely with oil marketers and additive manufacturers to develop tests to meet the new spec. The webcast will feature a live Q&A with the panel of experts.

Christopher Laroo, Environmental Protection Specialist, EPA's Office of Transportation and Air Quality
Robert Proctor, Principal Engineer, Materials Research Division, Honda R&D Americas Inc.
Martin Birze, Regional Business Manager, Passenger Car Motor Oils for the Americas, Lubrizol
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