SAE 2016 Heavy-Duty Diesel Emissions Control Symposium

September 20-21, 2016

Gothenburg, Sweden

Hotel 11
The SAE 2016 Heavy-Duty Diesel Emissions Control Symposium (HDDEC) features a two-day program focusing on regulatory facts, technical information and the latest strategies regarding heavy-duty diesel emissions control technologies. Here, attendees receive information regarding emission control strategies such as in-service maintenance, retro-fitting exhaust aftertreatment equipment and the potential for global harmonization of emission standards. Additionally, the 2016 symposium provides detail on:
  • Global Legislation
  • Emerging Markets
  • Alternative Fuel & Powertrains
  • Engine Developments
  • Catalyst & Substrate Developments
  • Non-Road Strategies & Future Developments
  • On-Road Strategies & Future Developments
Join your HDDEC peers as they meet in Gothenburg to hear from and interact with the industry’s global leaders who best understand the applicable regulations and the resulting complicated science of the pollutants emitted during engine combustion and how to treat them.

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