SAE 2014 Heavy-Duty Diesel Emissions Control Symposium

September 17-18, 2014

Gothenburg, Sweden

Elite Park Avenue Hotel

Keynote Address

Wednesday, September 17
9:30 a.m.

Improving Air Quality in Gothenburg - From Bans of Dirty Vehicles to Behaviour Change - The Role and Possibilities of Local Authorities

Anders Roth Anders Roth
Environmental Manager
Traffic and Public Transport Authority of Gothenburg

Anders Roth holds a lic.eng. from Chalmers University of Technology in the field of logistics and the environment.

Anders has been Environmental manager at the Traffic and Public Transport Authority of Göteborg since 2000. Main tasks are much connected to policy making regarding both goods transportation as well as individual travel. Example of topics are parking policy, congestion charging, environmental zone regulation, travel policy, procurement demands for vehicles and fuels.

Anders has also been working as transport expert for the Nature Conservation Organisation in Sweden (the biggest environmental NGO) and as an alternative fuels consultant.

Thursday, September 18
8:30 a.m.

Exhaust Emissions and CO2 Regulations for Heavy Duty and
Non-road Engines - an Outlook beyond Euro VI and Stage IV

Jürgen Stein Jürgen Stein
Daimler AG

After receiving the MS degree in technical chemistry from University of Stuttgart in 1977, Mr. Stein joined Daimler-Benz. Since 1981, he has worked for Daimler Trucks. He was responsible for the installation of heavy duty exhaust test facilities, the development of exhaust aftertreatment systems and engine certification for the USA. Since 1986, he has been representative of Daimler Trucks in various international working groups on exhaust emissions regulations for heavy duty and nonroad engines, such as UN-ECE, EU-Commission, US-EPA, and ISO TC 70 & TC 22. He is also member of industry associations, such as ACEA, OICA, Euromot, and EMA.