SAE 2014 High Efficiency IC Engine Symposium

April 6-7, 2014

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Westin Book Cadillac Detroit

Networking Reception

SWRI Don't miss the Sunday Evening Networking Reception!

Join us for the Sunday evening Networking Reception from 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. The reception, sponsored by Southwest Research Institute, will feature a special, advanced viewing of SWRI's D-EGR vehicle - 13% reduction in CO2 with SULEV emissions!

About SwRI's D-EGR combustion concept vehicle:

"The engine uses a dedicated cylinder to generate EGR. That allows us to burn that cylinder rich of stoichiometric which generates lots of H2 and CO. Those compounds are recirculated with the EGR and improve combustion rates, knock resistance and dilution tolerance. The combination of EGR and H2/CO results in a 10-15% improvement over the baseline engine. Also, NOx emissions are a lot lower. With minimal tuning, we are very close to the LEV III standard.

The engine also has 2-stage boosting, with a TC + SC configuration for good drivability and performance."

SwRI's D-EGR combustion concept vehicle