SAE 2014 High Octane Fuels Symposium

January 21, 2014

Washington, D.C., USA

Walter E. Washington Convention Center

The 2014 High Octane Fuels Symposium will feature discussions among industry leaders focusing on two key aspects of high-octane fuels that were identified during the 2013 symposium.

The first session will explore whether high-octane fuels can be produced with the goal of enabling improvements in vehicle efficiency while retaining a full life-cycle benefit in terms of energy use and CO2 production. Can high-octane fuels enable overall energy use and greenhouse gas reductions in the future, or is a better overall outcome achieved through making the best of today’s fuels?

A second session will examine the retail and infrastructure requirements to support a future high-octane fuel. How much of the infrastructure is compatible with such a fuel, and how can retailers and consumers be attracted to support such a fuel?


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