SAE 2014 Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technologies Symposium

February 11-13, 2014

La Jolla, California, USA

Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines

Event Overview by Day

Day 1

Overview of the Electric Drive Environment and news from the E-Motorsports Vehicle World
The presentations will provide valuable insight about the interactions of customer requirements and behavior, market economics and legislative requirements as well as advances in testing and system developments.

In the afternoon, presentations will cover different aspect of powertrain technologies and components. A new and special session focusing on electric drive motorsports vehicles will round off the event day.

Day 2

Technical Highlights of the Manufacturers' Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
This day is dedicated to presentations that highlight the technical features and advances of the vehicles being offered by the manufacturers. Individual sessions will focus on Hybrid-, Plug-in- and Battery-electric vehicles.

Day 3

Supporting Technologies
Electric vehicle powertrain performance is defined by the capabilities of each of its components. Technical information on charging systems, vehicle applications of fuel cells, heavy duty hybrid powertrains and advanced energy storage systems will be presented.
Please contact SAE International today if you, or someone from your staff, would be willing to participate with a technical presentation at this event:
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Engineering Event Developer
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