AIChE Environmental Systems Committee

AIChE Program Committee (June 3, 2008)
Chang H. Son (Chair)The Boeing Company
Tim Nalette (Vice Chair)Hamilton Sundstrand
Kim CurryThe Boeing Company
Brian DunawayThe Boeing Company
Dina ElsherifHoneywell International
Barry FingerParagon Space Development Corp.
John FisherNASA Ames Research Center
John HoganNASA Ames Research Center
Jean HunterCornell University
Darrell JanJet Propulsion Laboratory
Beau KostedtUniversity of Florida
Kevin LangeJacobs Engineering
Julie LevriNASA Ames Research Center
David MazyckUniversity of Florida
Kristen RileyUniversity of Florida
Margaret Amy RyanJet Propulsion Laboratory
William SheehanUniversity of Florida
Abhijit ShevadeJet Propulsion Lab
Perry StabekisNASA Headquarters/Windermere
Timo StufflerKayser-Threde
K. WignarajahEnterprise Advisory Services, Inc