ICE2011 - 10th International Conference on Engines & Vehicles

September 11-15, 2011
Capri, Napoli, Italy
Managed by SAE Naples

After the success of ICE2009, the 10th International Conference on Engines & Vehicles (ICE2011) will be held in Capri on September 11-15, 2011. It is the 10th edition.

The Conference is under the patronage of Istituto Motori of CNR - Napoli (Italy) and Engine Research Center - Madison (USA).

ICE2011 provides a forum to promote the cooperation between industry, research laboratories and universities for the development of innovative propulsion systems for automotive. ICE2011 technical papers should be of interest to people involved in both fundamental automotive research and engine and vehicle developers. Topics of the Conference include in-cylinder fluid dynamics and combustion, diesel and spark ignition engines and vehicles, advanced propulsion systems, emissions measurement, engine simulation and control, alternative fuels, hybrid and electric-fuel cell vehicles.

ICE2011 is organized by SAE_NA Italian SAE section with Engine Research Center - Madison (USA) and Istituto Motori-CNR - Napoli (Italy). The Conference is included in the list of SAE events and the approved papers will be SAE technical papers with the opportunity to be selected for SAE Journals.

Please log onto the SAE Naples site for more information.

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