2001 International Conference on Lightning and Static Electricity

Call for Papers

The 2001 International Conference on Lightning and Static Electricity (ICOLSE) will take place September 11-13, 2001 in Seattle, Washington, USA. (The last ICOLSE was held in Toulouse, France, in June 1999). ICOLSE 2001 will be held as part of the Aerospace Congress & Exhibition (ACE) to be held at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center. ACE is being jointly sponsored by SAE and Aerospace North America (ANA) and will include five individual co-located conferences, together with an exhibition of aerospace manufacturing and service organizations. Other co-located conferences are the SAE World Aviation Congress, the SAE Aerospace Manufacturing Technology Conference, the SAE Advances in Aviation Safety Conference, and the SAE Aerospace Automated Fastening Conference. A total attendance of over 4,000 is anticipated. ICOLSE 2001 will share some common plenary sessions and social events with the other conferences, but each conference will retain its individual identity, and the ICOLSE 2001 format will be similar to previous events.

ICOLSE 2001 will begin on Tuesday morning, September 11, and conclude at noon on Thursday, September 13. Plenary and parallel sessions covering a wide array of interests related to lightning and static electricity are planned, as listed below. ICOLSE 2001 participants will be able also to attend the other conferences to take advantage of synergies among the aerospace safety, design, manufacturing, and maintenance related topics covered by the several conferences. A meeting of SAE Committee AE2 (Lightning) is planned following ICOLSE, on Thursday afternoon and Friday, September 13 and 14. This will be one of the four regularly scheduled meetings of SAE Committee AE2 for 2001, and is open to all ICOLSE 2001attendees.

ICOLSE 2001 will again provide an opportunity for those involved in the technical aspects of lightning, static electricity and other electrical and electromagnetic phenomena to share information across the broad spectrum of research, development, design, testing, and certification of all manner of aerospace and ground vehicles, systems, and support facilities.

Prospective authors are asked to submit abstracts of approximately 300-500 words for consideration, including paper title, author(s) name, mailing address, telephone number, and email address to Mary Voigt at SAE, 400 Commonwealth Dr., Warrendale, PA 15096-0001, USA; email: mvoigt@sae.org; fax: 724/776-1830, no later than February 3, 2001. Final manuscripts should make a contribution to the state-of-the-art or present a comprehensive review, be of high technical quality with conclusions supported by technical data, and be devoid of commercialism. Final reviewed manuscripts will be due on July 16, 2001.

Suggested topics for technical papers include, but are not limited to: Lightning and atmospheric electrical environment phenomenology
Air vehicle lightning interaction and zoning
In-flight lightning and static electricity experiences
Lightning indirect effects: field penetration, coupling, and transients
Lightning direct effects
Lightning protection regulations and standards
Computational methods for evaluation of direct and indirect effects
Issues related to space vehicles
Protection of air, land, and sea vehicles
Protection of aerospace ground facilities
Accidents, incidents, and investigations
Physiological effects of lightning
Electrostatics effects and protection for air vehicle fuel systems, and electrical and avionic systems
Verification testing for air vehicle structures and systems
Maintenance and costs
Lightning detection and warning

For questions on the technical content of ICOLSE, please contact Andy Plumer, ICOLSE 2001 Chair, at japlumer@lightningtech.com. For questions on the overall conference or submitting your abstract, contact Karen Thomson, SAE, at kthomson@sae.org or by phone at 724/772-7120. For information on exhibiting at ACE, contact Barbara Roth, SAE, at roth@sae.org or by phone at 724/772-4071.