Intelligent and Connected Vehicles Symposium

September 26-27, 2017

Kunshan City, Jiangsu, China

Jinling Grand Hotel Kunshan


Who Attends

  • Get the latest innovations and technologies from various perspectives including OEMs, suppliers, governmental bodies, and academia.
  • Gain information from not only the developed applications or products but also the pre-study or conceptual products.
  • Network and interact with leading scientists and design engineers from the OEMs, academia, and supplier companies.
  • Gain a complete understanding of connected and intelligent vehicle including components, systems, and subsystems. It also covers the vehicle, infrastructure, internet of things, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, smart transportation, various innovative business models for transportation, and communication.
  • Submit your technical abstracts.

Benefits of Attending

  • Strengthen the relationship with the Kunshan government and leverage the revenue growth based on the funding of the government body.
  • Build relationships with the individuals and organizations in the field of connected and intelligent vehicles by interacting with the network to consolidate SAE’s influence in China’s event market.
  • To create a larger and more sustainable neutral forum to cover the important technology field of intelligent and connected vehicles.
  • To explore the more flexible and localized business models to better meet the local needs that not only come from industry players but also from academia.

Emergency Procedures During This SAE Event

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Should a catastrophic event occur, attendees should follow the safety and security instructions issued by the facility at the time of the event. This includes listening for instructions provided through the public address system and following posted evacuation routes if required.

In case of an emergency, or a major disruption to the schedule of the event, attendees and exhibitors may call the below number to receive updated information on the status of the event. Updates will also be provided via the SAE website at and event mobile app.

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