International eMobility Standards Symposium - POSTPONED

February 18, 2013

Anaheim, California, USA

SAE International, the IEEE Standards Association, and DIN German Institute for Standardization are pleased to present the inaugural International eMobility Standards Symposium.

Three Global standards bodies come together to examine Electric Vehicle standards strategies and major initiatives; and endeavor to determine what can be done to foster EV adoption in the global marketplace through the development and implementation of standardization.

Program sessions offer attendees an overview of standards development in the US and Europe and examine how these development programs impact stakeholders – vehicle OEMs, Tier suppliers, infrastructure, regulatory bodies, utilities, and most importantly, consumers.

Industry experts review real world implementation and present “Lessons from the Field” – how have existing standards influenced deployment of EVs at all levels? Those directly involved in national infrastructure roll-outs share their findings in an effort to turn an eye towards future standardization needs.

Future standardization needs are further examined in “An Industry View of the Future” – a window on the future of electric vehicle development, standards, and deployment initiatives from the stakeholders perspective. Major industry influencers describe how they see the EV market unfolding and offer insight on the standards that are needed to fully realize the potential of the EV market.

“Driving the Future of eMobility” – discussion points throughout the day are featured in a panel assembly of industry leaders and influencers. What steps can be taken to strengthen international cooperation on EV standards? What are the needs of customers?

This event is held in conjunction with the SAE 2013 Hybrid & Electric Vehicles Symposium, February 19-21, 2013, Hilton Anaheim, Anaheim, California.

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