Integrated Vehicle Health Management Workshop

April 27, 2015

Cranfield, United Kingdom

Cranfield University

Along with the rapidly evolving field of civil airline services, Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) technologies (such as sensors and algorithms) are enabling improved diagnostic capabilities and the potential for a step change in aircraft and fleet maintenance and operations based on prognostics that reliably predict remaining life of key assets such as aircraft components (e.g. actuators) and sub-systems (e.g. landing gear). Achieving Maintenance Credits for this will require close co-operation between industry stakeholders such as platform integrators, regulators, airlines and MRO&L providers.

This event will feature a series of speakers addressing the IVHM future state and the process towards obtaining Maintenance Credits from OEMs, Operators and Regulators and will center around 3 interactive workshops to support and advance industry and stakeholder collaboration through:

  • Engagement with the Regulators
  • The Maintenance Credits Process
  • Data Interoperability



  • Cranfield University
  • Royal Aeronautical Society

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