SAE 2014 Light Duty Emissions Control Symposium

December 9-10, 2014

Troy, Michigan, USA

Troy Marriott

The SAE 2014 Light Duty Emissions Control Symposium delivers provocative discussions on the latest efficiency-boosting technologies and emissions-reducing designs in passenger and light duty vehicles. Together, Industry leaders are seeking global strategies for emissions control through vehicle design, powertrain design, fuel content, and aftertreatment. Hear expert interpretations and industry reactions to regulatory challenges on the horizon for your organization - How will YOU meet and exceed the latest regulations and market demands to deliver a cleaner, more efficient vehicle?

Explore technical sessions that tackle industry and regulatory pressures head-on including:

  • Recently announced EPA Tier 3 Regulations mandated for 2017
  • Diesel and Gasoline Particulate Matter Control
  • CAFE Standards
  • CO2 and Criteria Emission Regulations

Connect with industry pacesetters and learn how organizations are implementing new technologies and designs to achieve better fuel economy, control emissions, and combat harmful pollutants.

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