SAE 2017 Light Duty Emissions Control Symposium

January 23-24, 2017

Washington, D.C., USA

Washington DC Convention Center

Justify Your Attendance

On this page, we have provided several helpful tips and documents for you to demonstrate why the SAE 2017 Light Duty Emissions Control Symposium is an outstanding investment.

Write a Letter to Management
Do you need help getting approval to attend the Light Duty Emissions Control Symposium? If so, download our customizable Justification Letter to submit a memo to your supervisor about the value you and your organization would receive from your attendance at the Light Duty Emissions Control Symposium.

Be Money Conscious
In today’s challenging economic environment, it’s important to save money where you can. Plus, the lower your expected expenses are, the higher the likelihood that your trip to the Light Duty Emissions Control Symposium will be approved by management.

Attend as Many Technical Sessions as Possible
The technical program features six in-depth sessions on a variety of topics, including lean emissions control, stoichiometric, real-world emissions, engine/powertrain developments, PM/PN control, and sensors, modeling, control. By attending these sessions, you’ll ensure your company is aware of and ready to meet regulatory pressures and market demands. Plus, you’ll connect with regulators and industry to understand the opportunities and challenges with the Environmental Protection Agency standards.

Create a Post-Event Trip Report
Once your manager sees all of the new business contacts you have made, how much you have learned, and how that knowledge can be applied across your company, he or she will be more likely to send you to the Light Duty Emissions Control Symposium, or additional SAE events again. They may even join you at the next the Light Duty Emissions Control Symposium! Download a sample trip report.

Share Your Knowledge With Your Coworkers
Bring your Light Duty Emissions Control Symposium materials back to the office to share with your coworkers. For example, sessions handouts you receive may contain valuable subject matter to discuss with your colleagues. Also, offer to do a brief presentation at a future staff meeting to let everyone know what you’ve learned.



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