SAE 2013 Vehicle Lightweighting Forum

September 10-11, 2013

Shanghai, China

Crowne Plaza Shanghai Anting Golf

This Lightweighting Forum has been designed to provide automobile manufacturers and suppliers the latest advances in manufacturing strategies, design and materials selection strategies to promote lighter weight, higher performing, fuel efficient vehicles without sacrificing safety or performance. It will feature presentations on the latest breakthroughs in lightweight materials and cutting-edge adaptive applications from OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, universities, and research institutions. Special focus will be on tangible, cost-effective strategies in lightweighting.

There are a number of multi-industrial collaborations like Boeing-Lamborghini and Lamborghini-Callaway-University of Washington to jointly solve the technology lapses that prevent composites being utilized in a high production environment. Solving these technology problems will change the economic viability to make this material a viable competitor to metals. Learn from OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, universities, and research institutions tangible, cost-effective strategies in light-weighting.

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