Special Panels

Business Panel
Hubbard Ballroom
Tuesday, December 5
9:30 a.m. - 12:00 noon
Partnering for Progress, the event’s theme, will drive this panel’s discussion highlighting the value of partnering and its challenges, what makes for a successful partnership, and opportunities for the future.

Organizer – Dan Rivard
Moderator – Neil W. Ressler

Eberhard Haberkern – Robert Bosch GmbH
John Heinricy, General Motors Corp.
Edward Linsenmeyer, Naval Surface Warfare
Bobby Rahal, Rahal/Letterman Racing
Dean L. Sicking, Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln
Paul F. Skalny, US Army Tank Auto & Armaments
Peter G. Wright, Federation Internationale de L’Automobil

The SAE Motorsports Engineering Achievement Award and the SAE Motorsports Engineering Conference Award will be presented at the conclusion of the Business Panel. (approximately 12:00 noon)


Safety Panel – The Safety Partnership – Engineering and Medicine
Hubbard Ballroom
Wednesday, December 6
8:00 – 10:00 a.m.

Injuries in motor sport occur when a crashing vehicle exerts forces, accelerations, and displacements on the humans involved that exceed their injury tolerances. It is by understanding how the engineered structures of the vehicle and its surroundings generate those forces, accelerations, and displacements, how the human is subjected to them, and how the human body reacts as a consequence, that progress is made in reducing injuries. Motor sport provides a unique field for research into injury causation that will have benefits beyond the sport.

Organizers – J. Kirk Russell; Peter G. Wright, Federation Internationale de L’Automobil
Moderator - Peter G. Wright, Federation Internationale de L’Automobil

Hubert Gramling, FIA Inst. For Motorsport Safety
Andrew Mellor, Federation International de L’Automobil
John W. Melvin, Tandelta
Stephen E. Olvey, FIA Inst./Grand Prix Masters
Steve Peterson, NASCAR
Terry R. Trammell, Orthopaedics Indianapolis


Engine Panel – Partnering in Alternate Fuels
Marquis Ballroom
Wednesday, December 6
8:00 – 10:00 a.m.

This panel will be looking at avenues to create equivalency for alternate fuels to gasoline. A comparison of methanol to its cousin - ethanol, answering the questions `What are the differences?’, and `What does the change (in IRL) mean to the engine level engineer?’  Also included will be a discussion on how diesel fuel characteristics are handled at the development level and what the particular issues are of dealing with diesel as a motorsport fuel.

Organizers – Geoffrey Goddard, Geoff Goddard Engines, Ltd.
Wiley R. McCoy, McLaren Performance
Michael J. Royce, Albion Associates LLC

Brett Boyer, PerkinElmer
Andrew Heard, Xtrac
Jeff H. Horton, Indy Racing League
Richard Karlstetter, Shell Global Solutions
Dan Schwartzkopf, Renova Energy
Representative from Ricardo
Representative from Audi Sport


Extreme Motorsports: Motocross Engineering and Technology
Regency E-F
Wednesday, December 6
10:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon

The extreme sport of motocross racing offers motorcycle manufacturers, suppliers, aftermarket companies, engineers, racing organizations and corporate sponsors unique technical challenges and business opportunities to test their skills and increasse their brand awareness. Over the past five years many of the engineering and technology achievements of today’s leading four-stroke engines, suspensions and light weight material applications have borrowed heavily from their high-performance counterparts in the automotive racing and engine building communities – from F1 to NASCAR.

Organizer – John M. Waraniak, SEMA Inc.

Scooter Brothers, Competition Cams
Donnie Emler, FMF Racing Inc.
Todd Jendro, Live Nation
Selvaraj Narayana, KTM North America Inc.
Steve Whitelock, American Motorcyclist Association

Race Car Design:  Partnering for Progress
Product Showcase Theater – Great Lakes Center
Wednesday, December 6
12:30 – 2:00 p.m.

This panel will discuss the process taken by major sanctioning bodies and their partners, to develop their cars that will race into the future. This will take into consideration all the elements of race car design and construction, including safety, engineering, cost, marketing and control of specifications.

Organizer and Moderator – Dan Rivard

Brian Barnhart, IRL
Scot Elkins, Champ Car World Series
Robin Pemberton, NASCAR
Peter G. Wright, Internationale de L’Automobil

Vehicle Panel – Partnering for Performance
Hubbard Ballroom
Thursday, December 7
8:00 – 10:00 a.m.

The joining of contract engineering services, specialized product suppliers and race team services for a winning effort.

Organizer – David A. Finch, Raetech Corp.; William C. Mitchell, William C Mitchell Software

Lynn Bishop, Pratt & Miller
Josh Browne, Evernham Motorsports
Paul Haney, InfoTire
Joseph Katz, San Diego State University
Phillip R. Morse, Morse Measurements LLC
Don Taylor, NHRA

Green Racing Panel
Marquis Ballroom
Thursday, December 7
8:00 – 10:00 a.m.

The purpose of this panel will be to discuss the relationship between motorsports, production vehicles and environmental requirements and/or responsibilities. A primary focus will be the potential for motorsports to drive technical innovation for production vehicles and greater environmental awareness with the public in a manner which does not sacrifice performance, vehicle affordability or vehicle availability/choice. Technology issues will be discussed from a policy and PR/marketing perspective; this panel will not be heavily technical. Other panels will cover technical details in depth.

Organizer – Frank J. Bohanan, Greenspeed Automotive Group

Timothy W. Frost, Frost Motorsports LLC
John C. Glenn, US Environmental Protection Agency
Robert P. Larsen, Argonne National Laboratory
Doug Robinson (invited) International Motor Sports Association