What people have to say about the SAE Motorsports Engineering Conference, November 30, December 1 & 2, 2004, Hyatt Regency, Dearborn, Michigan

"SAE's bi-annual Motor Sports Engineering Conference provides by far the best international forum for the exchange of ideas, research and the discussion of key technical issues relevant to all forms of motor sport. The technical sessions encourage researchers to share their work, in spite of the general confidentiality issues that surround so much in motor sport. The Panel sessions and informal events extend the exchange of information and encourage collaboration. For those involved in motor sport safety research, where sharing data is not inhibited by confidentiality, the SAE MSEC is an important event for maintaining the networking so essential for this work."
- Peter Wright, Technical and Safety Advisor to the FIA Foundation, former managing director of Lotus Engineering

"The SAE Motorsports Conference presents a rare opportunity to peek inside the world of professional racing. Participants from all major forms of motorsports gather to share exclusive, detailed technical information of the highest caliber in a well organized yet casual setting. You not only get to hear about some of the most exciting examples of motorsport technology but you also can meet the people directly responsible for them as well as the legendary drivers and others involved in their racing success. There are even interesting exhibits and tours of some normally non-public facilities to further enhance the learning experience. A truly valuable and unique experience for anyone interested in motorsport and vehicle technology!"
- Frank Bohanan, SEMA Technical Consultant

"The SAE Motorsports Conference is a great learning experience. It is good to see colleagues, meet new people and share knowledge. I'm looking forward to this years conference."
- Tom Gideon, GM Racing Safety

"With a name like "SAE" and "Motorsports Engineering," the conference is an obvious must-attend for those in my corner of automotive journalism. I've learned a lot from previous MSEC technical sessions as well as from the accompanying chats that are part of such a conference. They're good fun too. (It's easy to be enthusiastic about MSEC.)"
- Dennis Simanaitis, Engineering Editor, Road & Track

"In the days when Cosworth dominated every major championship they competed in I was invited as the Chief Designer of Cosworth to join a panel at the original SAE Motorsport Engineering Conference. What impressed me most back then was the wide range of talented engineers of all ages supporting the SAE, the large numbers of young engineers thirsty for knowledge attending the conference, and the fact that all talented engineers were welcome to join the SAE. This was so refreshing compared with the way the engineering institutions on this side of the pond try to be exclusive clubs for professional students rather than the best engineers. Similarly I liked the SAE emphasis on helping to train or expand the ideas of "young" engineers of "any age", as any true engineer is still learning however old they are; only experts have stopped learning, which is why they are so easy to beat in racing.

"This led to me making sure that I attended as many Motorsport conferences as possible, in my capacity as Chief Designer of Cosworth, or from 1995 (Note Cosworth stopped winning then) as the Engines Director of TWR. My current job titles are "Senior Lecturer - Oxford Brookes University" and "Director - Geoff Goddard Engines", and I guess that having designed engines to win numerous championships including those in F1, CART, and the IRL etc, I thought that I should undertake some more regular teaching hence the first of these current job titles. However, as the old saying goes, "once a racer always a racer", hence I also enjoy assisting the leading engine design and development teams to come up with further steps up the performance and optimisation learning curve in all levels of racing.

"Hence I continue to attend and support the Motorsport Conference as it is an opportunity to help educate all real engineers between the ages of 19 and 90 who would like to discover where the boundaries of knowledge are today in understanding how engines and race cars work. The engineering panels we put together represent the worlds leading race engineering companies, and can provide genuine answers to almost any question. The groups that form within the sessions and hotel lobbies throughout the conference provide a wider opportunity to mix with skilled engineers from a wide diversity of backgrounds to continue discussions on into the evening. I would recommend attendance to any engineer able to get to the conference to come and join in, we can all benefit from the advancement of knowledge, and "in racing when the flag drops (the bullshit stops") - we all get the opportunity to demonstrate where the boundaries of knowledge actually are."
- Geoff Goddard, Senior Lecturer - Oxford Brookes University and Director - Geoff Goddard Engines