Endorsements From The Organizers

Patrick Leteinturier Patrick Leteinturier
Senior Principal Automotive Systems
Infineon Technologies AG

The automotive industry is living a very intense time. Market globalization, environment care, society change, resource limitations and many more are pushing the automotive community for more innovation and collaboration. My commitment to this event is the result of many years working on that field, with a clear understanding that automotive is made by people for people. The event targets to talk about trends, challenges, solutions and experiences. It is not a one way communication. It is a clear dialogue in between experts in the field with a huge networking opportunity".

Alan Amici Alan Amici
Head of Electrical/ Electronics Engineering
Fiat Group Automobiles

Federico Millo Federico Millo
Associate Professor, Dipartimento Energia (DENERG)
Politecnico di Torino

"I'm strongly committed in the organization of this Conference because, as a member of the Academia, I firmly believe that the only chance to meet the target of achieving a truly sustainable mobility will be to fully exploit the potentials of a convergence of different engineering competences, ranging from thermodynamics to electronic controls to telematics. It's therefore of crucial importance to achieve cross-fertilization among the different experiences and skills of professionals all focused on a common sustainability target from different perspectives"

Bernard J. Challen Bernard J. Challen
Shoreham Services

"In addition to the demands of fuel economy and fuel sourcing, coupled with the environmental and safety concerns that the world shares, there is a tremendous thrust in personal mobility by the con-joining of the technological developments in powertrains, electronic controls and communications. This meeting allows all these to be addressed to suit the needs of a wide range of engineers and policy-makers".

Mark Zachos Mark Zachos
DG Technologies

"The value proposition for investing time to attend this event will be large and measurable. The attendee will not only learn about technical items related to his/her job, they will also benefit from forming personal relationships with industry experts. Those relationships will have direct effects on personal productivity and creativeness because they provide one with a communications network of reflective thinking individuals and problem solving resources".

Riccardo Groppo Riccardo Groppo
Automotive Electronics Design & Development - Manager
CRF S.C.p.A.

"The relentless increase of complexity in modern vehicles requires an higher level of synergies among different disciplines: this is the main target addressed by the Conference and the reason why I gave my enthusiast support in its organization. I do believe it provides an unified picture of the automotive evolution towards a sustainable mobility thus giving some guidelines, by means of 3 parallel tracks, to the demanding challenges ahead. Within each session different viewpoints will be offered running through the whole supply chain: this makes the event unique and worthy to attend".

Giovanni Cipolla Giovanni Cipolla
Host Professor for Automotive Propulsion Systems & Facilitator for Industry Connection Enhancement, Politecnico di Torino (past Director of Advanced Engineering at GM Powertrain Europe)

"My several years' professional experience, in automotive powertrains at several OEMs engineering organizations, has deeply imprinted my mindset with key aspects of our professional mission: the availability to understand the potentials of any innovative technologies and, above all, the ability to catch the opportunities offered by other concurrent engineering disciplines, in order to develop outstanding products. As a consequence, I'm fully committed to support one of the most important targets of this conference, "convergence". In order to achieve a really sustainable mobility, the automobile has become a more & more multidiscipline system and the convergence of several engineering competences is mandatory. In this vision, the conference structure and program offer opportunities both for constructive dialogs among experienced engineers and for key educational chances for junior and future engineers".