SAE 2013 New Energy Vehicle Forum

November 12-13, 2013

Shanghai, China

Crowne Plaza Shanghai Anting Golf

This rigorous two day event looks at both the technology and business development aspects of New Energy Vehicles (NEV) in China.

The Symposium is comprised of two parallel tracks allowing attendees to select the most appropriate presentations for their needs. The Technology Track will address many of the pressing technical issues in the adoption of electrified transportation. Themes will include the latest advances in battery charging, as well as private mobile charging for urban areas. The track will also address subsystems and components of the electric vehicle to include the latest developments in battery chemistry, management, and testing, as well as electrified powertrain component integration.

In the Business Development Track, international representatives of new and developing advanced and alternative powertrain suppliers will come together with their China New Energy Vehicle counterparts to examine the ‘risks and rewards’ of cross-border collaboration. The symposium will address the current state-of-the-art of advanced and alternative powertrains globally and in China; opportunities for collaboration and partnering among suppliers in research and development and manufacturing; approaches for establishing mutually beneficial cooperative relationships; and the resources and incentives available through China’s governmental, banking, and investment systems to support such collaborations.

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Anting Shanghai International Automobile City   CATARC



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