SAE 2014 New Energy Vehicle Forum

September 24-26, 2014

Shanghai, China

Crowne Plaza Shanghai Anting Golf

International expertise comes together at the SAE 2014 New Energy Vehicle Forum to provide a rigorous examination of both the Technology and Technology Business Development of Electric Vehicles, Plug-In Hybrids and Fuel Cell Vehicles. The primary focus will be on the key vehicle systems and sub-systems. This will be addressed in association with a second track examining the processes of finance and applied technologies, including technology transfer and commercialization.

In seven sessions over a two-day period, the Technology Track addresses key aspects of Vehicle and Powertrain Technology Trends, Energy Management, Energy Storage, Fuel Cells, Product Development and Systems Engineering, Rechargeable Energy Storage Systems and Connectivity. This fast-track review will provide information needed to understand direction, challenges and opportunities.

The Technology Business Development Track looks at three aspects with an optional fourth in-depth session. It begins by focusing on Finance on the afternoon of the first day, including Equity, Investment Capital and Services. The morning of the second day looks at how the New Energy Vehicle Technologies fit into the overall Sustainable Transportation category and what are some of the key risks, opportunities and other considerations that investors and enterprises need to look at. On that afternoon, the critically important topic of patents is addressed from an international perspective. Finally, an optional third day focuses on Technology Transfer and takes place at Jiaotong University.

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