SAE 2007 Noise and Vibration Conference

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Engine / Powertrain / Driveline Track

SESSION: Structural Analysis

The focus of�the Structural Analysis session is to share experiences on analyzing, testing, and developing solutions to structural noise and vibration problems from powertrain sources. Analytical modeling, experimental testing and predictive correlation are just a few of the tools used in this endeavor.

SESSION: Intake / Exhaust

This session covers experimental, computational, and analytical efforts related to the basic mechanisms and control techniques of noise and vibration in the breathing system (induction, combustion chamber, and exhaust) of engines. Noise sources include airborne, flow, flow-acoustic and flow-structure coupling.

SESSION: Components / Accessories

This session is focused on base engine, mounts, accessories, fuel injection system, combustion system, torque converter, transmission and driveline related design or development noise and vibration topics. The papers of this session will have both experimental and analytical approaches to problem solving.

SESSION: Driveline

This session deals with analytical, computational and experimental studies of the dynamic response including noise and vibration of automotive driveline system and components. Typical topics of interests include, but not limited to, gear noise, driveline system dynamics, transmission noise and vibrations, powertrain dynamics, transient dynamic response and propshaft balancing.


The diesel NVH session is focussed on issues related to making diesel engines achieve better NVH characteristics. Topics include both analytical and experimental techniques for developing low noise diesel engines and components. Related topics covered in this session include linear and torsional vibration of diesel engines, as well as features intended to reduce diesel specific intake and exhaust noise problems, such as turbocharger whine.