SAE 2007 Noise and Vibration Conference

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Heavy Vehicle and Vehicle Exterior Track

SESSION: Drive-By Noise

This session covers noise sources, measurement techniques, noise attenuation strategies, case studies, prediction and modeling methods, and community regulations related to drive-by noise.

SESSION: Windnoise and Aeroacoustics

This session is to present numerical and experimental work pertaining to noise due to flow around the vehicle body, such as flow-induced interior noise, flow over protrusions, sunroofs, windows, noise from ventilation systems, or flow noise in exhaust system. Papers on aerodynamics alone without sound are excluded. Numerical studies may include new models or models based on existing theory as long as they are adequately supported by experimental or theoretical verifications.

SESSION: Truck, Bus, RV & Offroad

This session covers noise and vibration in heavy trucks , buses, RVs and all other off-road vehicles. Special attention will be focused on the noise and vibration problems found in these vehicles, as opposed to passenger cars and light trucks, and to the engineering solutions required to solve these problems. Included in the session are discussions of special measurement methods, modeling specifically directed to these vehicles, and NVH materials with special properties to address unique problems.