SAE 2007 Noise and Vibration Conference

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Numerical Methods Track

SESSION: Structural Analysis

This session focuses on the development and application of analytical methods for characterizing the dynamic behavior of structural systems. Analysis methods for all structural components, susbsystems and complete systems found in automotive vehicles will be considered, except for powertrain and driveline which are covered in Powertrain Structural Analysis session. Examples include (but are not limted to) body structure, chassis structure, seats and interior structures.


This session provides a good overview of recent innovations to SEA (Statistical Energy Analysis) modeling techniques. SEA models can be used alone or together with hybrid analytical or experimental techniques to establish good comparative NVH predictions at the earliest stage of the vehicle design process. The papers of this session will describe recent advances and / or validations of SEA theory, applications, or use in conjunction with hybrid techniques for high- and mid-frequency NVH predictions.

SESSION: Vibro Acoustic Analysis

This session covers the relationships between vibration and noise that can be generated throughout the vehicle. Included in this session are modal vibration studies related to noise, vibration transfer paths throughout the vehicle, and coupling of vibration and acoustical modes. Both experimental and analytical approaches are included in this session.