SAE 2007 Noise and Vibration Conference

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NVH Measurement Track

SESSION: Facilities

This session is focused on the development and application of facilities to conduct noise and vibration measurements. The intent is to provide practical information on the engineering challenges to consider in the construction and/or adaptation of a facility to the specialized noise and vibration requirements.

SESSION: Instrumentation Systems and Sensors

This session covers instrumentation, sensors, and systems used in the measurement and analysis of noise and vibration. Additional topics will include data analysis methods internal to the instrumentation and internal software supporting these systems.

SESSION: Instrumentation Methods

This session covers the use and application of instrumentation for measuring noise and vibration. It also covers data analysis methods using this instrumentation and external software linked to the instrumentation.

SESSION: Sound Source Identification / Holography

This session covers sound source identification and localization, sound generation mechanisms, measurement techniques related to the sound source and noise propagation, and visualization techniques for sound pressure levels, sound radiation patterns, frequency content, and intensity. Also included are prediction and modeling methods related to the sound source.