SAE 2007 Noise and Vibration Conference

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Passive and Active NVH Control Track

SESSION: Materials

This session will cover materials used to solve noise and vibration problems in vehicles. Topics covered will include new and traditional NVH materials, materials with unique or special NVH properties, case studies covering applications of NVH materials to solve specific vehicle problems, modeling of materials, manufacturing or processing of NVH materials, and engineering and design principles for the use of NVH materials.

SESSION: Materials Production and Part Fabrication

The papers in this session describe various processes for the manufacture of acoustical materials and the fabrication of parts from those materials. The session addresses the question: "How is that made?"

SESSION: Active Noise and Vibration

This session addresses the strategies and methods for implementing active noise and vibration control in a vehicle. It will cover sensors and transducers, feedback systems, control algorithms, software for active control, noise and vibration cancellation devices, noise and vibration measurement systems, and case studies.