SAE 2007 Noise and Vibration Conference

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Standards, Processes and Perspectives Track

SESSION: Standards and Regulations

This session is intended to provide a forum for review of the engineering standards being developed and their interaction with regulation that may exist on the product or systems.

SESSION: Assessment Development Process

Testing and development methods on vehicles and systems, including simulation, analysis and prediction. The focus of these papers is on development issues, such as process, metrics, target setting and diagnostics.

SESSION: Management of NVH

This session addresses the management and business side of NVH in the automotive world. Topics to be covered will range from strategic direction for NVH initiatives to daily management practices for profitability. Additional subjects will include planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling the NVH activities in an organization. Perspectives from the corporate manager to the small business owner will be included on topics such as the cost of new technology, investment in test facilities, software development costs, new products, future trends for NVH business, and the world wide NVH market.

SESSION: Subjective Response

This session covers subjective testing and analysis related to automotive noise and vibration, usually referred to as sound quality and vibration quality. The focus is on both subjective and objective tools and methods that can be used either to design sound or vibration quality into the automotive product, or to characterize and eliminate undesired sounds or vibrations.

SESSION: Historical Perspectives

This session addresses a variety of subjects covering the historical development and evolution of NVH practices, unlike the other sessions which focus on specific areas of noise and vibration technology. These papers are from the more experienced practitioners of vehicle noise and vibration who will share with attendees their thoughts, concerns, and hopefully their wisdom, gained through many years of engineering practice.