2011 Workshops

Monday, May 16
6:00 p.m.
Acoustical Materials Workshop: Sound Package Development - Different Perspectives from Emerging Markets and Technologies
This workshop will highlight the similarities and differences among the sound packages themselves and the way those sound packages are developed in two emerging markets and in the emerging field of electric vehicles.

Organized by:
Gordon L. Ebbitt, Carcoustics USA Inc.
Speakers: Smita Govind Shivle, Tata Technologies Ltd.; Gregory Goetchius, Tesla Motors; Kent Fung, GSK Group Auto Parts

Tuesday, May 17
6:30 p.m.
Sound Quality Workshop
2011 Sound Quality Workshop will retain the general structure of previous years (basics, general, then advanced topics) and will evolve this year to include:
  • More information, some rather surprising, about low-frequency perception and measurement, particularly of time-varying and short-term time-varying signals and signals not thought to be time-varying which are inherently, affecting perception (in effect, low-frequency psychoacoustics)
  • Extending modulation analysis to "unorthodox" signals: irregularly/randomly-spaced transients and slow modulations
  • Tonal analysis tools: several from the Information Technology world worthy of transportation-product application -- Prominence Ratio, Tone-to-Noise Ratio, DIN 45681 Tonality, and their tolerance limits for "reportable prominence"
  • Some specific issues and methods with hybrid and electric powertrains
  • More on the importance of context-inclusion, pattern-sensitivity of human perception, and adding noise to reduce "noisiness"

Organized by:
Wade Bray, HEAD Acoustics

6:30 p.m.
Aircraft Interior Noise (SEA) Workshop
This workshop will present a practical introduction to SEA Modeling and its use in aerospace vehicle applications. A brief introduction to SEA will be followed by a broad spectrum of SEA models applied to aircraft interior noise. The presentations will include examples of SEA models and measurements to support aircraft interior noise development.

Organized by:
Mark Moeller, Spirit AeroSystems Inc.

Andrew Wareing, Bombardier Aerospace; John W. Maxon, Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.; Richard DeJong, Calvin Engineering; Evan Davis, Boeing

Wednesday, May 18
6:30 p.m.
Structure Borne NVH Workshop
The Structure Borne NVH workshop covers the fundamental concepts of the vibratory motion of automotive structures that result in tactile and acoustic response. The format this year consists of 50% basic theory followed by 50% noise demo and example applications. The basic theory includes: 1. source-path-receiver principles, 2. response in the low frequency vibration region up to around 100 Hz (where structural motion is "felt"), 3. response at higher frequencies up to around 500 Hz (where structural motion is "heard"), and 4. strategies for assuring NVH performance up front in the design process along with common countermeasures when issues arise.

A live demonstration of structure borne noise concepts will be conducted midway between the lecture topics. Lastly, some recent application examples will be discussed.

Organized by:
Alan E. Duncan, Automotive Analytics Inc.; Jianmin Guan, Altair Engineering Inc.; Gregory Goetchius, Tesla Motors