2007 Workshops

Monday, May 14
Acoustical Materials Workshop (Session Code: NVCWK1)

The purpose of this workshop is to provide an introduction to acoustical materials and to the basic concepts of automotive noise control. Functions and applications of acoustical materials related to automotive noise and vibration will be discussed. Topics to be covered include basic noise control theory, component measurement techniques, and the importance of acoustic material in vehicles. In addition, environmental issues such as recycling and sustainable raw materials that are part of each acoustical product will be discussed.

Organizers - Jian Pan, Rieter Automotive North America Inc.; Rolf Hermann Balte, HP Pelzer Auto Systems Inc.; Pranab Saha, Kolano and Saha Engineers Inc.

  • Agenda*
  • Basic Noise Control Theory - Rolf Hermann Balte, HP Pelzer Auto Systems Inc.
    Parts 1*, 2*
  • Component Measurement* - Pranab Saha, Kolano and Saha Engineers Inc.
  • Application of Acoustic Materials from Vehicle Perspective - Mark Pafumi, Honda R&D Americas Inc.
    Parts 1*, 2*, 3*
  • Recycling and Sustainability of Acoustic Materials - Jian Pan, Rieter Automotive North America Inc.
    Parts 1*, 2*, 3*

Tuesday, May 15
SEA Workshop (Session Code: NVCWK3)

This workshop will present a practical introduction to SEA Modeling and its use in vehicle applications. A brief introduction to SEA will be followed by a broad spectrum of SEA models applied to vehicle acoustic design. Three distinct applications will be presented. These applications extend from passenger vehicle and heavy truck to SEA applied to aerospace vehicles. This workshop is structured as an introduction to SEA especially for those with limited experience in vehicle acoustics modeling. It also provides an opportunity to establish technical contacts for continuing working relationships.

Organizers - Mark Moeller, Spirit AeroSystems Inc.; Richard DeJong, Calvin Engineering; Chadwyck T. Musser, Cambridge Collaborative Inc.

Introduction to SEA* - Richard DeJong, Calvin Engineering
SEA use in a Car Program* - Taner Onsay, DaimlerChrysler Corp.
Heavy Truck SEA Application* - Lee E. Schroeder, International Truck and Engine Corp.
SEA for Aerospace Vehicles - John W. Maxon, Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.

Structure Borne NVH Workshop
Parts 1*, 2*, 3*

Sound Quality Workshop
Parts 1*, 2*, 3*, 4*

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