SAE 2014 On-Board Diagnostics Symposium - Europe

March 3-5, 2014

Stuttgart, Germany

Maritim Hotels - Hotel Stuttgart

Since the inception of on-board diagnostics in the early nineties, the continual progression of new and ever-changing emission regulations and technologies results in an ongoing need for technical and regulatory updates for OEM and supplier design engineers around the world.

This year’s event will address the most pressing on-board diagnostics technology topics, and provide updates on the latest standards and regulatory information for automotive engineering geared at meeting CARB and European Commission Regulations. The event features industry experts sharing their experiences in developing OBD solutions for both the California and European markets. New topics of discussion for the 2014 event include: 12V start-stop, diesel misfire, alternate fuel propulsion implementation, and off-road OBD.

Learn about OBD regulations and solutions, develop strategies to meet the requirements, and connect with industry experts and solution providers…attend the SAE 2014 On-Board Diagnostics Symposium.

This event will also be held in the USA in the fall of 2014.

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