SAE 2015 On-Board Diagnostics Symposium - Europe

March 2-4, 2015

Stuttgart, Germany

Maritim Hotels - Hotel Stuttgart

Special Events

Keynote Speaker Presentation

Monday, March 2, 2015
10:00 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.

Volker Lantzsch Volker Lantzsch
Manager, OBD Interfaces
Volkswagen AG

Keynote Presentation Title: OBD in Highly Cross-Linked Vehicle-Systems
Abstract: All current OBD legislation worldwide are based on emission limits for combustion engines. New technologies, like electrification, are bringing other components such as air conditioning systems, brake systems, electric motor and HV-battery directly or indirectly into focus for OBD regulation. The number of the electric control units cross-linked under OBD criteria has influenced the network topology, especially as only a limited number of legally allowed diagnostics addresses are available. New bus systems for sensors and actuators must be considered to meet OBD requirements. In addition to the increased number of the ECUs in the OBD-Network, functions and diagnostics of one ECU have direct influence on functions and diagnostics in other ECUs within the OBD network. Future OBD-communication concepts adapted to this increasing complexity must have buy-in with the legislators and be fully standardized.

Volker Lantzsch's Biography:
Volker is Manager of OBD Interfaces within Volkswagen's development area. His group is responsible for defining and implementing OBD communication protocols, specifying OBD tools, defining OBD and ODX data bases, and the expansion of OBD knowledge across the complete development process.

He is involved in many SAE and ISO committees and task forces like J1979, J2012, ISO 14229 and ISO 27145. In addition, his area of responsibility also covers field investigation of OBD issues, J1699 and I/M testing.

In 1999, Volker hired into Volkswagen AG development after spending 7 years with Robert Bosch GmbH and 5 years with AUDI AG as an engineer in ECU development and calibration.

Volker has a Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Braunschweig and a Craft Certification as Electrician and Electronic Technician.