SAE 2012 Powertrains, Fuels and Lubricants Meeting
September 18-20, 2012
Malmo, Sweden, USA

SAE 2012 Powertrains, Fuels and Lubricants Meeting

September 18-20, 2012
Malmo, Sweden

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Malmo, Sweden.
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Stay connected with the future of powertrain, fuels and lubricants technology as you network with peers, discuss new and emerging technologies, and meet recognized technology experts at this year's Powertrains, Fuels, and Lubricants Meeting in Malmo, Sweden.

Participants at this year's event will hear about and discuss the latest developments in technologies including (but not limited to):

  • Combustion optimization - pressure boosting/turbocharging, low-temperature combustion (including HCCI), cylinder deactivation, waste heat recovery, and more
  • Hybrid Powertrains - fuel cell vehicle applications, advanced battery technologies, electric motors, and emerging hybrid technologies
  • Engine Downsizing - achieving higher specific engine loads with minimum displacement, fully variable valve trains, variable compression ratio, etc.
  • Engine control - on-board diagnostics, engine/vehicle control, calibration, etc.
  • Fuels and Fuel Efficiency - gasoline, diesel, biofuels and alternative fuels, additives, and natural gas and hydrogen IC engines
  • Lubricants - engine oils, heavy duty diesel lubricants, transmission and axle lubricants, and lubricant R&D to improve vehicle performance.
  • Advanced Fuel delivery - high pressure and multiple injections, spray technology, etc.
  • Emissions reduction - regulated and non-regulated, measurement, modeling, aftertreatment, etc.

In addition to a comprehensive range of technical sessions, the program will also feature keynote presentations, panel discussions on current topics, networking opportunities, and much more. We look forward to seeing you in Malmo!

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