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The key to a successful technical session is communication. Please communicate early and often with organizers.

  • Volunteer Training Modules for Authors
  • Staff Contact Information

    Technical Program Questions
    Gina Brandon

  • ">Deadlines / Key Dates*
  • AV Requirements
    The following will be provided as standard equipment in all technical session rooms.
    • Computer Controlled Projection - LCD Projector
    • Laptop computer
    • Projector Screen
    • Lectern with microphone and lapel microphone
    • Laser pointer
    • Aisle microphone for rooms with projected attendance of greater than 150
    If any additional equipment is needed, please contact Erin Sovich to check availability and pricing.

Please Note: All final manuscripts must be received by the deadline date in order to be eligible for inclusion in SAE International's Journals.

General Author Resources

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