SAE 2014 International Powertrain, Fuels & Lubricants Meeting

October 20-23, 2014

Birmingham, United Kingdom


SAE 2014 International Powertrains, Fuels & Lubricants Committee Members

General Chair:

Hongming Xu CEng Hongming Xu CEng, FIMechE, FSAE, FHEA
Head of Vehicle and Engine Technology Research Centre School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Birmingham

Professor Hongming Xu obtained BEng from Hefei University of Technology in 1982 and MEng from Anhui Institute of Technology in 1984 where he worked subsequently as lecturer until 1990. He obtained PhD from Imperial College London in 1995 and then worked there as Research Fellow and Senior Research Fellow. He moved to Jaguar Cars Ford Premier Automotive Group in 2000, where he was Project Engineer (2000-2001), Team Leader (2002-2004), and Technical Specialist (2004-2005). He joined the University of Birmingham in 2005 and was appointed to the Chair of Energy and Automotive Engineering in 2009. Professor Xu has research experience in flow/turbulence, diesel/gasoline spray, mixture preparation, ignition, premixed/diffusion combustion, new combustion mode (HCCI/PCCI), emission formation/control, biofuels, and engine operation control. He has over 200 publications.

Committee Members:

Dr. Andrew Clarke Dr. Andrew Clarke graduated from Queen Mary College, University of London, with a BEng in Mechanical Engineering in 1991. He obtained his DPhil from the University of Oxford in 1995. Dr. Clarke's areas of research include: fundamental combustion research, IC engines combustion and emissions modelling, chemical kinetics of combustion and pollutants and alternative and sustainable fuels for power generation and transportation. He is a Chartered Engineer and a chartered Physicist. He is currently the secretary of Loughborough University's Internal Combustion Engines Group (UnICEG).

Roger Cracknell Roger Cracknell joined Shell in 1994 and currently holds the position of Technology Manager for Fuels Science. He leads a research team exploring the fundamental science behind the development of advanced fuels for internal combustion engines. He is a Visiting Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds and Honorary Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Birmingham. He is a member of various academic and industry committees and has authored more than 100 refereed journal and conference papers and has 5 granted patents.

Morgan Heikal Morgan Heikal obtained his M Sc and Ph D from UMIST (University of Manchester) in 1974 and 1976 respectively. He is currently Head of the Centre of Automotive Engineering at the University of Brighton, which he founded and developed in close collaboration with Ricardo, one of the world's largest automotive consultants. He is also the Director of the Sir Harry Ricardo Laboratory (SHRL) within the Centre. Professor Heikal is involved in the profession through his activities in the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (I Mech E) which included serving on a number of committees, chairing the Combustion Engine and Fuel Group (2001-2003) and, consultations on issues affecting the profession such as accreditation of engineering degrees and learned society activities. He is a member of the SAE and current chairman of the UK Universities Internal Combustion Engines Group (UnICEG).

Paul Richards Paul Richards was educated at the University of Manchester, UK; obtaining his Bachelor and Master degrees in Mechanical Engineering, and finally a PhD for research on the transient performance of a gasoline engine. He worked briefly at the University of Bath, UK, studying diesel combustion, before joining the Associated Octel Company Ltd., now known as Innospec Ltd. He worked at Innospec Ltd. for over 27 years, where he was involved in the development and testing of many of their automotive fuel additives. He was concurrently a member of the Universities Internal Combustion Engine Group (UnICEG) for over 20 years. In 1983 he received the Richard Way Memorial Prize, awarded annually by UnICEG for the best PhD thesis in the field of internal combustion engine research. In 2006 and 2013 he received the SAE Forest R. McFarland Award, and in 2011 was elected an SAE Fellow. Paul has authored or co-authored over 40 SAE papers, over 30 other publications including the Automotive Fuels Reference Book - Third Edition. He co-organized the 2008 SAE Bio-fuels: Specifications and Performance Symposium that was held in Paris, France and the 2013 SAE Fuels, Lubricants & Aftertreatment Symposium held in Long Beach, California. He is currently the chair of the Powertrain, Fuels and Lubricants Activity and is an associate editor of the SAE International Journal of Fuels and Lubricants.

Steve Richardson Steve Richardson has over 30 years' experience in Powertrain engineering, mostly with Jaguar Land Rover. He is currently head of Powertrain Research, responsible for strategy and delivery of Powertrain research and technology. His research interests extend to all aspects of spark ignited and compression ignited engines, transmissions and related vehicle attributes.

His department works collaboratively with Universities, suppliers and other OEMs developing technology and processes contributing to improved customer satisfaction, CO2 reduction and legislated emissions compliance.