Visa Requirements for U.S. Residents

Note: Non-U.S. residents must obtain a visa by applying through the Chinese Embassy in their country of residence.

In order to attend the Congress you will need to obtain a visa from the appropriate Chinese Embassy or Consulate. Normally, this process does not take more than a few weeks. If you are a U.S. resident and are new to this process, we would encourage you to use any of a number of passport and visa assistance agencies that are available on the web, such as

  1. Passport: You must have a valid U.S. passport (effective date should be six months beyond the dates of your visit to China). You will be required to mail your passport along with the documents outlined below to obtain your Chinese visa.

  2. Passport Photo: A 2" x 2" passport photo to attach to your visa application will be required.

  3. Visa Application: A Chinese visa application can be downloaded from any number of visa and passport service agencies. You can download one from

  4. Invitation Letter: You will need an invitation letter from your Chinese host. If you work for a company with China-based operations, you should obtain one from the appropriate office of your company in China.

    If your company does not have operations in China, please see the attached letter, which is an invitation from CATARC. Type your name in the salutation and body of the letter in the spaces provided, provide the passport information requested and print out a copy of the letter.

  5. Flight itineraries are not required unless you are requesting a visa for longer than a 30-day stay.

  6. Business Letter: This is a letter from your employer, on company letterhead, indicating that you are attending the Congress on company business. In it your employer must accept ultimate responsibility for any expenses you incur while you are visiting China.

Once you have these documents in hand, you (or the agency you are using) will send them to the appropriate Chinese Consulate for processing and approval. There is a Chinese Consulate fee and a fee charged by the visa or passport agency, if you use one.