Range Extenders for Electric Vehicles Symposium

November 14-15, 2017

Dearborn, Michigan, USA

Ford Conference Center

The Range Extenders Symposium is back—Mark your calendars!

The ultimate measure of success for mass acceptance and use of electric vehicles relies heavily upon extending a vehicle’s range. This is one of the major barriers to large-scale adoption of all-electric vehicles by the public. As a result, finding a suitable solution, alleviating drivers’ range anxiety is essential.

Engineers and researchers attending the SAE 2017 Range Extenders for Electric Vehicles Symposium will learn about the role of engines and novel prime movers in extending the range of electric vehicles. This unique event will focus on powertrain and fuel opportunities and challenges, policy and regulation driving designs, infrastructure, and the advances in range-extender technology.

Registration Update:
After Wednesday, November 8, online registration will be closed. You must register on site beginning November 14 at 7:00 am (EDT). For more information, contact Customer Service at 1.877.606.7323 or customerservice@sae.org.



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