Panelists/Moderators Bios and Photos

Niall Berkery Niall Berkery
Vice President, Business Development & Innovation

Niall Berkery is vice president of Business Development & Innovation at ATX. In this role, he has responsibility for growing business and developing innovative product offerings and that provide differentiating value for OEM customers. Berkery leads the ATX Research and Development team and is also responsible for fostering strategic alliances.

Berkery was vice president of Location Based Services for Cross Country Automotive Services prior to its acquisition of ATX in September 2008 (Cross Country consolidated its telematics initiatives within ATX immediately following the acquisition).

Berkery joined Cross Country in November 2006 to develop its telematics business. Previously he was vice president of Product Planning for Pioneer Electronics' automotive OEM division, promoting navigation and mobile electronic technologies to global carmakers.

A native of Ireland, he began his career in Japan designing car stereos before holding a variety of positions in program management, sales, business development and product planning in both the U.S. and Japan.

Berkery holds a degree in electrical and electronic engineering from the Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland.

Richard Bishop Richard Bishop
Founder of Bishop Consulting

Mr. Bishop supports clients internationally in research and business development within the intelligent vehicles arena -- providing services in partnership development, intelligent vehicle applications, industry trend analysis, and business strategy. Clients include federal government agencies, public transit providers, car and truck vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, research laboratories, state DOTs, and technology firms worldwide. He also lectures as an expert in intelligent vehicle systems.

Clients in recent years have included Nissan, Renault, DaimlerChrysler, Volvo Trucks, Alpine Electronics, Intermap Corporation, Southwest Research Institute, ERTICO (ITS Europe), ITS America, the Swedish National Road Administration, the Dutch Ministry of Transport, and the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport.

He is publisher of, the only website focusing exclusively on coverage of intelligent vehicle developments. Mr. Bishop has also published a comprehensive overview of intelligent vehicle systems. His book Intelligent Vehicle Technology and Trends was published by Artech House in 2005.

During 1991-1997, Mr. Bishop managed USDOT's program in vehicle-highway automation R&D, facilitating the establishment of the National Automated Highway System Consortium and providing federal program management for the Consortium's extensive program of research, development, and stakeholder involvement. These activities culminated with Demo '97 in San Diego, which successfully showcased automated vehicle technology to the transportation community, international media, and the public. During this time, he also established the International Task Force on Vehicle-Highway Automation and continues as chairman.

During the 1980's, Mr. Bishop held positions as a radio engineer, systems engineer, and engineering manager within the U.S. Department of Defense.

He holds a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Auburn University and a M.S. Technical Management from Johns Hopkins University.

Bishop Consulting led the CTBSSP Project MC-17 Speed Limiters Safety Impacts Synthesis. He was also a contributor to CTBSSP Project Number MC-06, Synthesis Report on Effective Motorcoach Industry Hours of Service and Fatigue Management Techniques.

Michael Blicher Michael Blicher
Director of Business Development, Immersion Corporation
Vice Chair, Automotive Electronics Connectivity Committee (AECC)

Michael Blicher is business development director of automotive, commercial, and military markets for Immersion Corporation, the leading developer and licensor of touch feedback technology. He is responsible for championing the North American adoption of haptic controls for the automobile interior. In this role, and for the Automotive Electronics Connectivity Committee (AECC) as well, one of his objectives is to improve the human-machine interface to mitigate driver distraction and enhance the user experience.

Prior to Immersion, Blicher, a 30-year veteran of the automotive electronics industry, began his journey at Packard Electric working in product development, manufacturing and sales for ten years. The next fourteen years were spent with Magna International's Electronics, Interior Trim and Hardware Controls Divisions where he enjoyed a career that evolved into the Director of Cross Group Modularity developing new standards for vehicle architecture integration. His interest in the changing world transitioned him into an independent international businessman interfacing with offshore software developers in India and up-coming manufactures in Shenzhen and Shanghai. Settling back into the Untied States, Blicher played a supporting role in guiding several Mid-Western Businesses into understanding market shifts and strategic partner alignment required to succeed in the 21st century.

Blicher's experience has helped him understand the evolution of new standards for vehicle architecture integration, global product development, and intellectual capital management. It has also provided relationships with OEM advanced design centers around the world and collaborations across the entire vehicle development enterprise.

With a passion for innovation and willingness to try new approaches, Blicher was naturally drawn to the SEMA and CEA communities. The AECC, where, as vice chair he acts as an ambassador for communication and cooperation across automotive industry associations as well as for an expanding relationship with the consumer electronics industry. As 85% of handheld CE devices spend time in a vehicle Blicher has been supporting work with IntelliDrive as the vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure emerging technologies take shape in the early phases of their commercialization migration at local, state and national levels.

Blicher holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering and Economics from Carnegie-Mellon University. He is a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), the Society Information Displays (SID), the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA), and Optimists International (Chaplain).

Lars Bodenheimer Lars Bodenheimer
Vice President, Technology & Network Engineering
Detecon Inc.

Mr. Bodenheimer has more than 10 years of telecommunications industry experience. He was involved in the development and deployment of Germany's first commercial DSL-based high-speed network and an advanced multimedia delivery platform for Deutsche Telekom. He spent several years at Deutsche Telekom's R&D center in Silicon Valley where he led numerous projects in the service, technology, and competitive intelligence fields. At Detecon, Inc. he was heading the Next Generation Networks group, and started the development of Detecon's IPTV initiative before taking over the Technology & Network Engineering practice. With a focus on Technology Strategy, Design, Planning, Testing, Implementation and Optimization of telecom architectures his team is assisting telecom service providers in the US and worldwide to develop robust and competitive voice, IP-enabled and media oriented communication architectures and services.

Masao Fukushima Masao Fukushima
Engineering Director
IT & ITS Engineering Department

Responsible for the entire technological management of autonomous ITS advanced driver assistance system and cooperative safety support system such as Vehicle to Vehicle communication and Vehicle to Infrastructure communication.

The project leader of SKY (Start ITS from Kanagawa, Yokohama)

Chairman of Kanagawa Driving Safety Support System (DSSS) for the Universal Traffic Management Society of Japan (UTMS)

Chairman of Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc, ITS Sub committee, Smart Systems Experts Group.

Mike Gardner Mike Gardner
Global Marketing Manager - Infotainment In-Vehicle Networks

Mike Gardner has been with Molex and involved in the connector industry for over 26 years. All years having been focused on the development of new connection technologies. After spending his initial years in product engineering, Mike spent the later part of the 80's in the automotive industry where two of his 3 children were born in the Detroit area. The 90's were spent in California running a global development engineering liaison center in silicon valley where he was directly involved in design and deployment of many high speed video and data interconnects we all use today. DVI, USB, IEEE 1394 among other non-I/O strategic developments such as Serial ATA, Processor and Memory Sockets.

These years of high speed differential SerDes link development experience are now focused toward the deployment and development of In-vehicle network interconnect systems that are coupled with the experience Molex has developing automotive grade connection systems. Among the first being offered by Molex is the HSAutoLink� high speed interconnect system recognized by USCAR and 1394 Automotive standards.

Andy Gryc Andy Gryc
Automotive product marketing manager, QNX Software Systems

Andy Gryc has been a software developer and designer for over 20 years. Prior to joining QNX Software Systems, he worked as the lead embedded software architect for GM OnStar; designed and implemented a speech recognition engine for a speech technology company; and served as a member of the Hewlett-Packard team that created the software for palmtops and the BIOS for the Omnibook notebooks. He currently works in automotive product marketing for QNX Software Systems.

Joel Andrew Hoffmann Joel Andrew Hoffmann
Strategic Market Development Manager,
In-Vehicle Infotainment Group,

Joel Andrew Hoffmann is the Strategic Market Development Manager for Intel's In-Vehicle Infotainment Group. In this capacity, he leads automotive market developments in wireless networking and enterprise IT solutions. He is also responsible for driving the infotainment group toward a common vision, which includes spearheading Intel's support of GENIVI, a cross-industry consortium of companies with the goal to accelerate adoption of entertainment, navigation and communication services in automobiles. Within GENIVI, Hoffmann promotes community support for translating open source innovation into commercial solutions adopted by automakers, suppliers and a growing infotainment ecosystem.

Since joining Intel Corporation in 2000, Hoffmann has been instrumental in establishing an early incubation of connected vehicles for DaimlerChrysler, now Chrysler, by promoting standards-based software and hardware alignment. He also helped institute the first automotive high performance computing cluster which reduced the auto company's costs substantially.

With a background of sales and technical experience in automotive, telecommunications and consumer electronics, Hoffmann has previously created business plans for the Michigan Connected Vehicle Proving Center, developed marketing strategies for Skyway Systems, now Inilex.

John Horsley John Horsley
Executive Director
American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO)

From 1993 to 1999 he served at the U.S. Department of Transportation. As Associate Deputy Secretary, he was an advocate for intermodal policies, quality of life initiatives and liaison to State and Local Governments, US Congress, and transportation constituencies.

A native of the Northwest, Horsley was elected to five terms as County Commissioner in Kitsap County, a community just west of Seattle. He is a graduate of Harvard, an Army veteran, a former Peace Corps volunteer and Congressional aide, and did graduate study at Georgetown. He is Past President of the National Association of Counties, and was founding Chairman of the Rebuild America Coalition.

Juhani J��skel�inen Mr. Juhani J��skel�inen
Acting Head of Unit, ICT for Transport, at the European Commission
Directorate-General Information Society

Mr. J��skel�inen has a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Technology, Helsinki, Finland. In his current position, he has a specific responsibility for the eSafety initiative and the research area Intelligent Vehicle Safety Systems.

Mr. J��skel�inen joined the European Commission in 1996 as a Principal Scientific Officer, working in the management of the Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development. In 1999 he was nominated Head of Sector, Mobility Services in the Directorate - General Information Society, and in 2005 he became Deputy Head of Unit, and from January 2009 he is the Acting Head of Unit. His responsibilities include the management and planning of Community research actions in Intelligent Transport Systems and application of space technologies for transport. Mr. J��skel�inen has a leading role in the joint industry - public sector eSafety initiative, and he is the editor of the eSafety Working Group 2002 report as well as the author of the two Commission eSafety Communications in 2003 and 2005. He is currently the rapporteur of the eSafety Forum.

Mr. J��skel�inen has a thorough industrial experience, and he has worked in the management of Research and Development in various international companies that include Ericsson and Asea Brown Boweri. Before joining the Commission he worked for several years at the Finnish Technology Development Agency TEKES, first as a Research Manager for Space Technologies and later as the Director of Space Technologies.

Egil Juliussen, PhD Egil Juliussen, PhD
Principal Analyst and Fellow, Automotive Research

Egil has more than 30 years experience in the computer, communications, Internet and telematics industries. He has extensive experience in technology forecasting, competitive analysis and market forecasting. Egil was co-founder of Telematics Research Group (TRG), which was acquired by iSuppli in July 2008.

Prior to this Egil was president and editor of Computer Industry Almanac, which published eight Computer and Internet Industry Almanac reference books. Dr. Juliussen was Chairman and Co-founder of Future Computing, an information service company that was the first market research and product testing company for the PC industry. Future Computing was sold to McGraw-Hill. He remained president of the company's StoreBoard unit for several years following a private placement. StoreBoard tracked the sales of PC products through com�puter dealers. StoreBoard was sold to Ziff-Davis, and was later acquired by NPD. He was also Chairman of Workstation Laboratories—a technology lab that specialized in performance analysis of personal computers, workstations and servers.

Previously, Dr. Juliussen was with Texas Instruments Inc. where he was a strategic and product planner for microprocessors, minicomputers and PCs. Dr. Juliussen was also employed by Norden, a division of United Technologies, where he designed graphics systems.

He has written columns and papers for computer publications and makes presentations, seminars and lectures in the USA, Asia and Europe. Dr. Juliussen has made over 450 papers, reports and conference presentations in the last 30 years. He received B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from Purdue University. Egil is a native of Norway and is a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

David Jumpa David Jumpa
Senior Vice President, Global Business Development

David brings to Airbiquity more than 16 years of senior management, operations and engineering leadership experience at wireless carriers and several start-up companies. At Airbiquity, David quickly identified unrecognized new markets and new business relationships, defining and implementing a course of action leading to the start of Airbiquity's automotive program. He is credited for starting and leading the execution of Airbiquity's automotive business. David Jumpa originally joined Airbiquity in February 1999 and left in 2002 to successfully lead the start and eventual acquisition of Vox Technologies, Inc. (a speech recognition company). He rejoined Airbiquity in May of 2005 and is responsible for business development, sales and marketing. Prior to joining in 1999, he served as Director of Deployment at Xypoint Corporation (acquired by Telecommunication Systems) and led the development of the organizations program management and engineering team. Previously, David led the development of the Sprint Cellular (now Alltel) national wireless data program and has also served several other companies in a management or consulting role (Airbiquity, TollFree Cellular, Conversay, BSQUARE Corporation and Jampac Technologies). David attended DeVry's computer science undergrad program in Addison, IL.

Sylvia Karmanoff Sylvia Karmanoff

KEMSI is a consulting firm specializing in Product and Project Management, helping you throughout your business cycle, from developing successful product and technology strategies to implementing and deploying products and services. Karmanoff has over 20 years experience in defining successful product strategies, understanding customer needs, and in developing and deploying systems/products. In addition, Karmanoff, a certified PMP, develops and deploys project management processes customized for your organization. Prior to KEMSI, Karmanoff held executive positions at Aeris Communications, OnStar, and General Motors Corporation. Her higher education degrees include an M.S. in Computer Science from University of California in Irvine, CA, and an M.B.A. from Michigan State University. Throughout her career, Karmanoff has served as a Board Member for a number of associations and charities, including the University of Michigan Alumni.

Paul C. Kirsch Paul C. Kirsch
Vice President
HUGHES Telematics

Paul Kirsch joined HUGHES Telematics in October 2006 as Vice President, responsible for OEM business development.

Prior to HUGHES Telematics, Kirsch was Vice President of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Business for XM Satellite Radio, the nation's leading satellite radio company. His responsibilities included the entire range of manufacturer and third-party content provider partnerships, from Toyota and Harley Davidson to United Airlines. In addition, Kirsch headed up the OEM introduction of award-winning in-vehicle data applications, including real-time traffic services.

Kirsch previously spent nearly two decades at Delphi in various engineering, sales and marketing, finance and product development positions, in the U.S. Europe and Asia. Most recently, he was the General Director, Sales, Marketing and Planning for Delphi Thermal and Interior Systems, a multi-billion dollar division of Delphi. Prior to that he served in the same position for the Delphi Safety and Interior Systems business unit.

Kirsch earned his MBA from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh. He serves on the Oakland University Business School Curriculum Advisory Board and is active in a number of Michigan based charities. He is also an avowed auto and aviation enthusiast, as well as an accomplished triathlete.

Kirsch and his family reside in the Detroit area.

Paul Kompfner Paul Kompfner
Head of Sector, Efficiency & Environment at ERTICO-ITS Europe

With over 16 years' experience in co-ordination and management of European projects, Mr. Kompfner is currently coordinator of the CVIS (Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure Systems) integrated project that began in February 2006 within the "IST for eSafety" priority of the EU Sixth Framework Programme. He is also joint Chair of the eSafety Forum Working Group on "ICT for Clean & Efficient Mobility" and Coordinator of the ERTICO Partner Topic Group - Environment.

An astrophysicist by training, he has led ERTICO projects on telematics system evaluation, traffic and travel information, road applications of satellite navigation, ITS deployment planning for cities, ITS for public transport, nomadic device integration and driver safety/HMI. Before joining ERTICO, Mr Kompfner was Principal Scientific Officer at the UK Transport Research Laboratory, where he led a section carrying out studies of accident risk, advanced driver training, company car use and transport systems operation.

Norma M. Krayem Norma M. Krayem
Senior Policy Advisor
Patton Boggs LLC

As Co-Chair of the firm's Homeland Security, Defense, and Technology Transfer Practice Group, Norma Krayem provides strategic advice on key issues in a range of areas, including homeland security, transportation, defense, international trade, environmental, and a host of appropriations issues for all aspects of critical infrastructure. She applies her extensive experience with key national issues in the policy-making arena based on 20 years' working in and with state, local, and federal governments to help clients evaluate strategies to build and maintain a competitive edge. Ms. Krayem was elected to the Partnership in 2007.

During her distinguished career in Washington, Ms. Krayem has held executive-level positions in the U.S. Departments of Transportation, State, and Commerce, as well as in the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). She has provided key insight and guidance to major officials at the White House, in Congress, and at state and local levels around the country. Ms. Krayem has worked closely on the passage of key legislation such as TEA-21, SAFETEA-LU, NAFTA, GATT, China MFN, and the creation of new Departments including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), among others. During her tenure at these agencies, she worked on nearly 100 bilateral trade and aviation-related negotiations.

As deputy chief of staff at the U.S. Department of Transportation, Ms. Krayem provided strategic oversight and served as senior advisor to Secretary Rodney Slater on domestic and international policy, regulatory, legislative, budget, safety, and security covering aviation, maritime, rail, highway, transit, pipeline, and motor carrier issues for a department with a $60 billion budget and 100,000 employees worldwide. She also served as the Chief of Staff and Acting Deputy Administrator of the Federal Railroad Administration at DOT. There, she focused on freight railroad safety matters, Amtrak, high speed rail corridors, and maglev issues in addition to broader passenger and rail matters. Ms. Krayem also served as director of special projects for the Denver Summit of the Eight, U.S. Department of State, serving as the lead for the Summit to all embassy staff for the G8 countries, including Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Russia.

At the U.S. Department of Commerce, both within the Office of the Secretary and the International Trade Administration, Ms. Krayem held various senior positions. During that time, she focused her efforts on counseling state and local governments, as well as private sector companies, on the keys to exporting, from identifying export finance opportunities and understanding export controls to helping companies find matchmaking opportunities throughout the globe.

Ms. Krayem has also worked extensively with the DHS since its creation in 2002. She works on a host of security matters, including port, cargo, and supply chain security; international aviation issues; emergency communications and interoperability needs; emergency preparedness and response capabilities; border security; CFIUS; avian flu and pandemic preparedness; as well as U.S.-VISIT and other biometric-related programs. She has helped private sector clients successfully identify funding opportunities within DHS, created public-private partnerships with the various DHS agencies, and assisted in negotiations with the procurement officers within the Department. Ms. Krayem has helped public sector entities identify and apply for applicable grant programs within the Department. In all of these efforts, she works on a daily basis with officials in the Office of the Secretary and key officials in the Policy Office, the Transportation Security Administration, the Customs and Border Protection Agency, FEMA, the Fire Administration, and the Science and Technology Directorate (S&T), among others. She also works closely with the White House Homeland Security Counsel on policy and regulatory issues affecting the DHS.

Ms. Krayem works on a daily basis with a variety of Executive Branch agencies in addition to DHS, including the U.S. Departments of Transportation, State, Commerce, Housing and Urban Development, Education, the Environmental Protection Agency, and others. She also works extensively with key committees on the Hill including Appropriations, Homeland Security, Transportation and Infrastructure, Commerce, Ways and Means, International Affairs, Banking, and Foreign Relations. She continues to help both public and private sector clients successfully ensure that legislation is inclusive of them in various ways from ensuring eligibility requirements to providing agencies with guidance on policy and regulatory procedures.

Professional Affiliations

  • American Bar Association - Section on Air and Space Law; and Section on Public Utility, Communications and Transportation Law
  • American Association of Public Administrators
  • American Society for Public Administration
  • International Who's Who of Professionals
  • Women in Government Relations
  • WTS International Advisory Board

Paul Laurenza Paul Laurenza
Dykema Gossett

Mr. Laurenza is an attorney in the firm's Washington, D.C., Office who represents consumer product manufacturers and other clients in the transportation and automotive industries on federal regulatory issues, including those before the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Mr. Laurenza's technical background, coupled with over three decades of legal experience in regulatory and litigation issues, allows him to deal with a diverse range of legal matters for clients across a broad spectrum of industries.

Mr. Laurenza has represented corporations and associations in matters involving consumer product safety regulation and liability; antitrust; commercial and government contracts; transportation, customs/international trade; advertising and marketing; intellectual property and professional liability. Mr. Laurenza currently represents a consortium of global manufacturers on a broad range of legal and strategic issues involving a multimillion-dollar research and development contract with the federal government to develop innovative safety communications technologies.

Paul has a B.S cum laude from the University of New Hampshire, B.S., a M.A from Brown University and his Juris Doctorate from Washington University. Paul was admitted to Practice in the District of Columbia in 1975.

Soyeon Lee Soyeon Lee
Senior Researcher
Telematics? USN Research Division
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)

Soyeon Lee received her B.S. degree in Statistics from Ewha Womans University, Korea, in 1992 and M.S. degree in Computational Statistics from Seoul National University, Korea, in 1994. She works for ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) since 1994 and involved in a number of research projects of ATM switching system and router development. She joined to the Research and Development in Telematics since 2004 and currently she is leading a project of standardization in vehicle communication interface for ITS/Telematics.

Since 2007, Ms. Soyeon Lee has been nominated as Korean expert to support the standardization activity of ISO TC 204/WG 17 - Nomadic Devices in ITS Systems. In 2008, Ms. Soyeon Lee leaded the task force of ad-hoc group of 'Vehicle Gateway Platform' in ITU-T SG16. From 2009, she is the associate Rapporteur of newly launched question Q27/WP2 'Vehicle Gateway Platform' in ITU-T SG16. Also, she is the chair of 'In-vehicle network communication interface working group (WG3105)', ITS/Telematics Project Group (PG310), Telecommunication Technology Association (TTA) in Korea.

Dr. Bin Li Dr. Bin Li
Vice Director
National Center of ITS Engineering & Technology
Research Institute of Highway
Ministry of Transport, P. R. China

Dr. Li has received his Ph.D degree in Automotive Operation Engineering from Jilin University in 2002. After graduation, he has been working for the National Center of ITS Engineering & Technology, Research Institute of Highway, Ministry of Transport, as an associate professor, engaged in the R&D on Cooperative Vehicle and Highway System, Advanced Road Safety Technology, etc.

Scott McCormick Scott McCormick
Connected Vehicle Trade Association

Scott has a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, a Masters in Business Administration, and Doctoral Research in Artificial Intelligence. Prior to being the President of the Connected Vehicle Trade Association, Scott was the Executive Director of the Automotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration AMI-C), a nonprofit research organization of the world's largest automakers.

Scott is a former Advisor to the United States National Science Foundation and the Industrial Sector Representative to the US Federal Laboratories Technology Transfer Consortium. He is the founder and Chairman of the International Automotive Standards Organizations Summit, and the former Strategic Advisor to the United Nation's International Telecommunications Union (ITU-T) Advisory Panel on Communication Standards to Vehicles. Scott is a member of the US ISO Technical Advisory Group. He also serves as a Member of the Steering Committee to the Joint Commercial/Military Intelligent Transportation Systems Summit and as Industry Representative for CVTA to the US Congressional ITS Caucus' Industry Advisory Board.

Justin McNew Justin McNew
Chief Technical Officer
Kapsch TrafficCom Inc.

Mr. McNew has most recently been engaged in the ongoing development of 5.9 GHz DSRC technology and standards. He led the launch of Kapsch's 5.9 GHz products, including its Multiband Configurable Networking Unit, which is designed for transportation applications, including electronic tolling and Vehicle Infrastructure Integration, which is also known as the US DOT's IntelliDriveSM program. McNew also has extensive experience in cellular and satellite based communications, as well as terrestrial and satellite based location determination systems.

McNew has developed numerous patents and publications during his career. He formerly worked for Motorola CDMA Infrastructure group; he received a MSEE from Clemson University in 1996, and his BS degree is in Physics.

John Miles John Miles

John Miles trained in civil and transportation engineering and has acquired a broad portfolio of experience over 40 years in transport planning, transport research, road network operations and public policy development. For the past 12 years he has practiced as an independent consultant advising on deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in road transport. He specialises in the strategy and business plans for ITS organisational aspects of deployment of ITS including operational partnerships.

From 2001-2003 he was instrumental in establishing and coordinating a network of ITS professionals from Europe, the USA and Canada, in the European Commission project ATLANTIC.

John served as chair of the World Road Association (PIARC) Technical Committee on Management of Network Operations from 2004-2008. He is lead editor of the PIARC ITS Handbook. The Handbook, now in its 2nd Edition, has been welcomed as an authoritative introduction to ITS and has been translated into French and Spanish. A Chinese translation was launched at the 14th ITS World Congress in Beijing on 10 October 2007.

In 2008 John was given an award for excellence by ITS United Kingdom for his contribution, during a career of over 30 years, to the development and outreach of ITS.

Jack Pokrzywa Jack Pokrzywa, SAE International
Director of Operations of SAE Automotive Headquarters and
Manager of SAE Ground Vehicle Standards

He is responsible for the overall performance of the SAE Ground Vehicle Standards support system, including new business development, international standards harmonization, and liaison with other standards development organizations. In his responsibility for managing SAE Ground Vehicle Standards, he interacts regularly with trade associations, government agencies, national, regional and international standards developing organizations, and inspection authorities.

Prior to joining SAE, Pokrzywa was a Program Manager at the Automotive Industry Action Group, where he managed CAD/CAM and data exchange projects for automotive OEMs and major suppliers.

Before joining AIAG, Jack held several sales management positions in the US, Germany and the UK with Octal, a Silicon Valley engineering software company, where he was responsible for initial start-up, daily operation and sales in Europe.

He held various engineering positions with Lamb Technicon Corp. prior to that.

A graduate of Warsaw's Catholic University with Master in Liberal Arts, and Warsaw's Technical Institute with engineering certificate, Pokrzywa is a member of the Oakland County Workforce Development Board, Member of the Board of Madonna University Foundation.

Shelley J. Row Shelley J. Row
U.S. Department of Transportation's Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Joint Program Office (JPO)

Ms. Row has held this position since January 2007. As JPO Director, Ms. Row manages a $110 million annual budget to advance research and deployment of ITS, in support of the Transportation Department's goals of reducing congestion and improving safety and productivity.

Ms. Row's federal career began in 1987 when she joined the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), working in its division offices in California, Arizona and North Carolina. After a stint in FHWA's Headquarters managing ITS Early Deployment Planning and Outreach, Shelley returned to the field as Engineering Systems Manager in the Georgia Division office, where she was responsible for ITS project implementation in preparation for the 1996 Summer Olympics.

Shelley's accomplishments in Georgia won her the Secretary of Transportation's Team Award and the Secretary's Gold Medal.

Returning to Headquarters in late 1996, Shelley joined the ITS Joint Program Office as the ITS Travel Management Coordinator and later was selected to be team leader of the ITS Deployment Task Force.

She was also selected to be the Departmental team lead for development of the policy on ITS architecture consistency, an effort for which she received another Secretary of Transportation's Team Award. In 2000, Shelley became Director of FHWA's Office of Transportation Operations. In that position she led programs on highway work zone operations, security and traffic incident management, the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and road weather management. In 2003 Shelley left FHWA to become Chief Technical Officer for the Institute of Transportation Engineers, the position she held for three years immediately prior to becoming Director of the ITS Joint Program Office.

Shelley has received numerous awards in government service. Among those, in addition to the Secretary of Transportation's awards, are the FHWA's Administrator's team award and the Administrator's Superior Achievement Award.

Shelley holds Bachelor degrees in Civil Engineering and Architecture from Texas Tech University and an MBA in management from Virginia Tech. She is a registered professional engineer and professional transportation operations engineer.

Shelley's civic activities include two terms as President of the Eastport (Maryland) Civic Association, Chair of the Annapolis Transportation Board and Chair of the Mayor's Transition Team on Transportation and Parking. She has run three marathons.

Robert Schoenfield
Vice President of Business Development

Mr. Schoenfield, who joined Aeris in 1999, is responsible for all new business development activities and developing new markets.

Mr. Schoenfield has more than 20 years of experience with fast-paced, highly dynamic organizations. Prior to his current role at Aeris, Mr. Schoenfield led the expansion of Aeris into Latin America as president of Aeris South America. In the years preceding his creation of Aeris South America, Mr. Schoenfield was vice president of international development for Tetra Tech, a North American telecommunication infrastructure provider. In this role, Mr. Schoenfield led the strategic initiative of expanding Tetra Tech's business operations globally. Mr. Schoenfield joined Tetra Tech after leading a successful acquisition of Whalen & Company, where he was vice president of marketing and business development, directing the deployment of next-generation wireless networks on behalf of wireless operators. He was also a key member of the senior management team at Nextel Communications during its start-up and early operational phases.

Mr. Schoenfield is a board member on the Connected Vehicle Trade Association (CVTA), Alarm Industry Communications Committee (AICC) and the Cellular Industry Wireless Internet Council (CTIA-WIC).

Kirk. T. Steudle, P.E. Kirk. T. Steudle, P.E.
State Transportation Director

Kirk Steudle has been with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) since 1987, leading to his appointment by Governor Jennifer Granholm as Director in 2006. A licensed professional engineer, Director Steudle has served MDOT in various positions including Chief Deputy Director, Bay Region Engineer, and Deputy Region Engineer for the Metro Detroit Region. As State Transportation Director, he is responsible for administering a highway program with 9,716 miles of state trunkline and 4,400 state highway bridges, a department with 2,800 employees statewide, and various multi-modal programs; including transit, air, rail, marine/port and nonmotorized transportation.

Born and raised in Adrian, Director Steudle graduated from Lawrence Technological University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Engineering.

He represents MDOT on the Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council, and chairs both the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Standing Committee on Highway Traffic Safety and Subcommittee on Asset Management. He is a national expert in Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII), the technology that enables vehicles to communicate with the road network for greater safety and mobility. Director Steudle is on the Board of Directors for Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITSA).

Gary Streelman Gary Streelman

Gary Streelman is an accomplished program manager in coordinating international teams to work together and meet the program deliverables. Successfully developed wireless safety and mobility applications used in vehicle communication. Superior interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate new product technology to customers so they understand it. He has experience in wireless vehicle communication, satellite data systems, telematics and active safety. He works to assess customer directions for new products and technology, and develops a strategic plan to match customer needs. He received his BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan. He has been active in following connectivity to and from the vehicle for a number of years and has authored a number of papers. His career has involved designing and implementing electronic systems for automotive applications.

Joel Szabat Joel Szabat
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy

Mr. Szabat is a Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy. This is his second tour of duty at DOT. Before returning to DOT, Szabat was Chief of Staff of the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Previously at DOT, Szabat led department and government-wide initiatives such as the President's Management Agenda, accelerating transportation projects of national significance, reducing freight congestion, and research prioritization. In 2005 Szabat directed the U.S. government's transportation reconstruction program in Iraq and served as the Transportation Counselor to the American Ambassador in Baghdad.

Szabat has worked in the public sector for over 20 years. Before joining DOT, Szabat served as a principal consultant on transportation issues in the California State Assembly, served as a management and budget aide to the Administrator for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and worked in a management consulting firm.

Szabat received his B.A. in economics and government from Georgetown University, and his MBA from Harvard Business School. During the Cold War, he was in the United States Army commanding tank units patrolling the East-West German border.

A former resident of Sacramento, California, he and his wife founded the non-profit International Leadership Foundation, providing public service scholarships for Asian American college students.

Paul Thorpe Paul Thorpe
OSS Nokalva, Inc.

Mr. Thorpe has been working for OSS since 1989 in projects related to computer communications. He studied Computer Science at Loma Linda University (B.S.), and at UCLA (M.S.). He is currently the Editor of the ASN.1 Standards in both ITU-T and ISO/IEC and attends ITU-T SG17 meetings are part of the US delegation, and attends ISO/IEC JTC1 SC6 meetings as Head of the US delegation. He also participated in development of some Biometric standards in ISO/IEC JTC1 SC37. He has also participated in the development of ITS standards published by IEEE (such as IEEE 1512.1 and IEEE 1512.3) as well as in standardization of Universal Business Language (UBL) published by OASIS. He also participated in W3C on the Advisory Committee, and participated in ETSI MTS. He believes that appropriately developed and used international standards are critical to interoperability in every area from sizes of nuts and bolts, to communications protocols used in cell phones, banking, aviation, manufacturing automation, automobile navigation, emergency management, and numerous other areas.

Jim Wright Jim Wright

Mr. Wright is an independent contractor supporting the 511 & IntelliDrive(SM) Programs for the American Association of State Highways and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). Prior to 2008 he was an on loan executive from the Minnesota Department of transportation serving seven years as Program Director for 511 and VII (now IntelliDrive(SM).

Prior to 511 & VII he managed the MnDOT's Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Program called Minnesota Guidestar. From 1991 - 2001 he planned and implemented $100 million in ITS work, including a regionally integrated ITS system.

His education includes a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from the University of Minnesota and a master's degree in civil engineering from the University of California Berkeley.