Best Paper Award Criteria

SAE and JSAE present each year at the SETC Closing Ceremonies on the last day of the conference present the award for the "Best Paper." The grading for the award is conducted by members of both SAE and JSAE. The Award is given for the content of the written paper, not the presentation during the conference.

The criteria for the "Best Paper Award" differs somewhat from the criteria used to review the papers for publication and presentation. The Best Paper Award criteria is as follows:

Degree of creativity or innovation in the technical fields35%
Contribution to the state-of-the-art of the technology30%
Experimental and/or analytical support25%
Editorial quality10%

All papers published and presented at the conference are graded by the SAE and JSAE for the Best Paper Award. Authors should keep the above criteria in mind when writing their paper(s). Questions concerning the Award should be emailed to Tim Mellon at SAE (