SAE/JSAE 2014 Small Engine Technology Conference & Exhibition

November 18-20, 2014

Pisa, Italy


Opening Ceremony, Keynote Address, and Plenary Speakers

Opening Ceremony and Keynote Addresses

Tuesday, November 18, 2014
8:30 - 10:00 am

Stefano Giovannelli Stefano Giovannelli
General Director
Toscana Promozione

Stefano Giovannelli holds a degree cum laude in Electronics obtained from the University of Florence in April 1978, with a focus on Systems Theory and Computer Science.

After a few years within the Italian industrial and banking private sector, he joined the Industrial Studies Division of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization in January 1983.

In January 1994 he was appointed Director of the Organization's Investment and Technology Promotion Service, a position he kept till April 2004. In such a capacity he developed and managed the investment promotion network of UNIDO in the Mediterranean, establishing offices in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco.

From the year 2000 till 2003 he was also appointed Special Representative of the UNIDO's Director General before the European Commission in Brussels and he conducted the negotiations on UNIDO's strategic partnership with the Commission. From 2005 he assisted the Director General of UNIDO in developing cooperation programmes with International Financing Institutions and mobilizing funds for the Organization's programmes.

In 2009 he left the United Nations to assume the position of Managing Director of the Specialised Economic Promotion Agency of the Regional Government of Tuscany, which has the mandate to promote the exports of Tuscany abroad, as well as that of attracting foreign investment. Under his guidance, the Agency developed new cooperation programmes with selected target countries, such as China and Vietnam, and launched promotional campaigns for traditional productive sectors such as wine and textiles, as well as for innovative sectors such as ship building, health and life sciences, new technologies.

In 1999 he held the course "Managing globalization" at the Johns Hopkins University Center in Bologna and from 2001 till 2008 was contract professor with the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ferrara where he taught the course "International Organizations." Between year 2002 and 2004 he also collaborated with the School of Public Affairs of the University of Maryland to test new mechanisms to stimulate institutional changes, enhancing the impact of technical assistance programmes, on the basis of a set of incentives and private-public feedbacks. In 2006, together with Prof. Di Tommaso, he published for Franco Angeli the book "Nazioni Unite e Sviluppo Industriale" on the role and impact of United Nations with respect to industrial development.

He has worked in many countries in Asia, in the Mediterranean and in Africa and has been a speaker in many international conferences. He is an expert on investment promotion, industrial cooperation and development of SME systems, his experience encompassing enterprise level assistance, business development and financial analysis as well as institutional building.

Dr. Nagesh S. Mavinahally Dr. Nagesh S. Mavinahally
Chair, General Committee SETC 2014, SAE International

Dr. Nagesh Mavinahally obtained his PhD in I.C. Engines from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, in 1992, MS from National Institute of Technology, Srinivasnagar, and BS from National Institute of Engineering, Mysore. He completed post-doctoral fellowship at the University of New Orleans in 1994. He has extensive experience in the design, development, and manufacturing of small engines and fuel injection system. He has led projects to develop engines ranging from 30cc two and four-stroke engines for hand held applications to large displacement natural gas Miller cycle engines for power generation.

Dr. Mavinahally has published technical papers in SAE and ASME Journals. He has many issued and pending patents. Over the years Dr. Mavinahally has developed alternative engine architectures including a cam shaft-less mono-shaft four-stroke engine, pump-less lubrication system, all attitude four-stroke engines, carburetors for stratified engine, stratified two-stroke engines, and mono-shaft extended expansion twin engine (Atkinson engine).

Dr. Mavinahally has held positions as Director of Advanced Product Development at Cummins, Director of Advanced Engine Technologies at Homelite, Founder/President of MavinTech, LLC., and is a Principal Engineer at MEGGITT.

Dr. Mavinahally has been involved with SETC since 1993.

Maurizio Marcacci Maurizio Marcacci
VP Engine R&D, Piaggio & C SpA
Conference Chair, SETC 2014, SAE International

Maurizio Marcacci graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 1976 in the University of Pisa. Employee immediately in Piaggio & C. S.p.A., dealing with Engines Development with roles of increasing responsibility. In 1981 become Manager of Prototype and Testing Dept., coordinating the activities of construction and development both of engines and vehicles. Under his guidance many families of Diesel and Gasoline ICE have been developed, some of them really innovative such as FAST Engine (first 50 cc 2-stroke direct injection), the first European 125 cc. 4 stroke scooter engine and others.

In 2003 he assumed responsibility for the Engine Test and Development of the entire Piaggio Group; during this period, in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering of Pisa, the prototypes of first hybrid scooter (parallel thermal-electric) in the world were developed. The product, known as Piaggio MP3 Hybrid 125 cc and 300 cc., went to the Market in 2009.

In 2007 he took the responsibility for Engines R&D of commercial vehicles of the Group, with the aim of developing new diesel engines for light trucks for the Global Market. Nowadays he's a Senior Consultant for Diesel Engines Business Unit.

Mr. Marcacci is a lecturer of the course "Design and Testing of Motorcycles" held by Piaggio for the Faculty of Engineering of Pisa. He's a member of the Technical Association (ATA ) and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). He has published many technical papers in SAE and ASME Journals and he's the Author of many issued and pending patents in very different fields of Engines and Vehicle technology.

Dr. Koji Yoshida Dr. Koji Yoshida
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
College of Science and Technology, Nihon University

Mr. Yoshida graduated from Nihon University with a doctorate in engineering. He is currently a professor in the Department of Engineering at Nihon University and currently on the executive board of JSAE. Dr. Yoshida's research topics include Internal Combustion Engines, Thermal Engineering, and Thermal Dynamics.

Ministry for Research and Education in the Italian Government


SAE Keynote

Luca Marmorini Luca Marmorini
Former Technical Director Engine & Electronics, Ferrari

Dr. Luca Marmorini graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 1987 at the University of Pisa. After 16 months in the Italian Navy Engineer Corp, he started his PhD studies. He became Doctor in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Pisa. Part of his research work was performed in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Luca joined the Ferrari Racing Department in 1990. During this period he covered various positions. In 1992 he was appointed Engine Calculation Leader. In 1995 became Project Leader of the last V12 engine. In 1998 he was appointed Manager in charge of Research and Innovation in the Engine Department.

In 1999 Luca joined Toyota Motorsport as Project Leader. During his stay at Toyota in Germany, Luca became Technical Director and Senior General Manager for Engine and Electronics. His duties covered the complete Engine and Electronics activities from Design and Development to Dyno and Track Application. He coordinated the complete design and development of all the engine evolutions used by Toyota in the Formula 1 Championship (V12, V10 and V8 architectures).

In 2009 Luca returned to Ferrari as Engine and Electronics Director. He has developed the last V10 and the Kers System used by the Scuderia till 2013. Starting from 2011 he has led the complete activity that has brought to the development of the new V6 turbo power-train and ERS (energy recovery system) that is currently used in the 2014 Formula 1 Championship.

He has been a lecturer at various Universities and an invited key-note speaker in several International Congresses both in Europe and in the USA. For his achievements in Motorsport Luca has received several national and international awards. In 2013 Luca was appointed Honorary Adjunct Professor in Automotive Engineering in the School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology).

JSAE Keynote

Toshiyuk I Taneda Toshiyuk I Taneda
Senior Manager, OEM R&D
Engine Engineering Department
Kubota Corporation

Mr. Taneda graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Osaka University in 1989. He joined Kubota Corporation in 1989 and started his career as a research and development regarding industrial engines. He worked in Kubota Europe S.A.S. as a Pan-European technical director from 1999 to 2005. There, he faced with the technical issues of industrial engines on a global scale and provided solutions to make OEM customer's machines innovative from engine supplier's point of view. Now, he is responsible for OEM engine R&D in Kubota and focuses on the futuristic view of industrial engines.

Plenary Panel

Wednesday, November 19, 2014
8:30 - 10:00 am

Professor Robert Gentili Professor Robert Gentili
Universita degli Studi di Pisa

Roberto Gentili graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pisa in 1974. In 1976 and 1977 he spent his first two years of research activity at the University of Florence. In 1978 he joined the University of Pisa, where he is teachings Fluid Machines and Internal Combustion Engines.

In very large prevalence the scientific activity of Roberto Gentili regards engines for land vehicles (cars and motorcycles) and is aimed at developing solutions that are often original and involve a multidisciplinary approach, thanks to the contribution of specialists of other fields. A number of studies takes advantage of the cooperation with prestigious Italian and foreign research institutes and universities.

It is worth mentioning the conception and implementation of an original stratified scavenging system for carburetted two-stroke engines, which proved to reduce unburned hydrocarbon emissions and specific fuel consumption and which today is widely employed in small engines for agricultural use (chainsaws, lawnmowers, etc.), various solutions of direct injection for small two-stroke engines, an original system of low-pressure hydrogen direct injection, the use of ammonia plus hydrogen as a fuel in S.I. and a low-emission compression-ignition engine.

More than one hundred papers, published on proceedings of conferences and scientific reviews, as well as several patents, prove this activity, that in addition finds acknowledgment in the roles of chairman or organiser that Gentili had in several national and international conferences, besides various invitations to meetings and conventions on I.C. engines and motor vehicles.

Several times Gentili has coordinated research groups for research supported by CNR (Italian National Research Council), by Pisa University, by Italian Ministries and by agreements with industrial companies. He was member of several commissions for university contests. In the three-year period 1984-'86 he served on CUN (National University Council) 09 Advisory Committee for the assignment of M.P.I. (Public Instruction Ministry) 40% funds for scientific research. Since 1994 he has been SAE member. He is currently Vice President of ATA (Technical Association of Automobile) Tuscany, which he chaired from 2009 to 2012 and on the guiding board of which he has been serving for over twenty years.

Pierre Duert Pierre Duert
Director, IFP School

Pierre DURET was graduated in 1981 from the French Engineer School "Ecole Centrale de Paris" and started his career at IFPEN (IFP New Energy) in 1982 as research engineer responsible of the study and development of direct fuel injected two-stroke engines.

In 1987, he became Projects leader "Two-Stroke Engines" at IFPEN, responsible of a R&D group working on several projects of design and development of low emissions high fuel economy small two-stroke engines and gasoline controlled auto-ignition engines for world-wide customers.

In 1996, he joined the management of the IFPEN engines R&D as Assistant Director and then in 2011 as Deputy Director of the "Engines & Energy" Technology Business Unit. During this period he sometimes acted as expert for French Public authorities and for the European Commission in internal combustion engines and also coordinated several EU Projects, Network of Excellence and International Consortium Projects driven by IFPEN.

In September 2003, he moved to the IFP School as Director of the Center for "Engines and Utilization of Hydrocarbons", still his current position.

In parallel, since May 2005, he is also the Chairman of the "Powertrain" Steering Committee of the French Society of Automotive Engineers (SIA), especially involved in the organization of several International Congresses on Powertrains.

During his career, P. Duret applied for more than 30 families of granted patents and published more than 50 international papers on engines and powertrains for automotive and other applications. He got several "Best paper" Awards including two at SETC 1993 in Pisa and 2002 in Kyoto.

Helmut Eichlsader Helmut Eichlsader
Professor, Graz University of Technology

Helmut Eichlseder was born in Steyr, Austria. He received the Master's degree in mechanical engineering in 1984 and the Ph.D. degree in 1989, both from Graz University of Technology, Austria.

After he finished his Master, he started as a calculation engineer in AVL Graz and went then back to University working on two stroke engines. After finishing the Ph.D., he joined BMW's Diesel Development in Steyr, Austria, in 1990, working then in pre- and series development where he was responsible for performance, fuel efficiency and emissions of a new DI Diesel engine family of 4, 6, and 8 cylinder engines until start of production. From 1997 to 2001, he was responsible for Alternative Combustion Systems and DI Gasoline Engines in the Gasoline development unit of BMW in Munich. Products were the V12 Gasoline DI engine for the BMW 760i and the Rolls Royce Phantom.

In April 2001, he became Professor for Internal Combustion Engines at TU Graz. His research interests include combustion system development, alternative fuels, emission reduction especially for small, passenger car and truck engines.

The results were published in some books (Gasoline Engine Technology, Hydrogen in Vehicle Technology), book chapters (Gasoline Direct Injection, ICE Basics,…), and more than 150 articles.

Since October 2002 Prof. Eichlseder is head of the Institute for Internal Combustion Engines and Thermodynamics at Graz Technical University. The research activities are focussed in 6 areas covering Engine Design and Layout especially for small Engines, Combustion Systems, Large Engines, Emissions, Traffic and Air Quality, and Thermodynamics with an overall staff of 140 employees.

Stefania Giannini Stefania Giannini
Representative of the Ministry for Research and Education in the Italian Government

Born in Lucca, Giannini in 1991 became a professor at the University for Foreigners in Perugia, holding the chairs of Phonetics and Phonology (1992-1994), Sociolinguistics (1994-1998) and of Glottology and Linguistics (1998-2013). In 2004 she also became rector of the Perugia University. In 2008 she received an honorary degree, awarded by the College Reges-Rede Gonzaga De Ensino Superior (Brazil) for her efforts in the development of international cooperation programs.

Candidate in Tuscany with the Mario Monti's party Scelta civica, she was elected senator in February 2013. In November the same year, she was appointed secretary and coordinator of the party

A.	Ramesh A. Ramesh
Professor, IIT Madraas

Dr. A. Ramesh is currently a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras). He did his Ph.D in internal combustion engines in IIT Madras in 1990 and then worked for a year as Assistant Manager in the engine R & D in Bharat Earth Movers Limited. Then he joined the faculty of mechanical engineering in IIT Delhi as an Assistant Professor and subsequently joined IIT Madras. He did his post doctoral research work in Ecole Des Mines De Nantes, France.

Dr. A. Ramesh has published over 125 research papers in International and national journals and conferences. His main research interests include gasoline direct injection, homogeneous charge compression ignition, engine management, engine instrumentation, new and innovative engine designs and alternative fuels. Much of his work has been directed towards developing cost effective solutions for the improvement of small engines. He has guided several students for their doctoral and masters degrees. Several of his students have received best project awards during their masters program. Dr. Ramesh has undertaken many consultancy projects for leading automotive industries. He has also taken up large government sponsored projects in areas of interest to Indian Automotive industries. His work has culminated in several innovative designs and components for engines. He has filed nine patents of which some are with automotive industries. He has coordinated a User Oriented M.Tech Program on Automotive Engine Technology in IIT Madras, which was exclusively developed and conducted for several years for practicing engineers from leading Automotive Industries. He has also conducted several tailor made short term courses for industries. He has obtained awards for teaching, guiding students and for best paper presentations. Dr. Ramesh has been a member of several governmental committees looking into funded projects on alternative fuels, hydrogen energy, instrumentation, engine development and skill development. He has also served in the board of studies of several leading educational institutions.

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