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New Special Publications on timely topics from the 2004 SAE Fuels & Lubricants technical program
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What is a "Special Publication" or "SP"?
An SP is a collection of related SAE Technical Papers from one or more technical sessions at a particular event. VALUE priced, SPs can save you 60%—or more—when compared to the collective purchase price of the individual papers in the collection.

Choose from 66 SP titles from SAE 2004 World Congress
Bestsellers include:

  • Advanced Catalysts (SP-1864)
  • Advanced Hybrid Vehicle Powertrains 2004 (SP-1833)
  • Diesel Emissions on CD-ROM from the SAE 2004 World Congress (SP-1835CD)
  • Diesel Exhaust Emission Control (SP-1860)
  • Fuel Cell Power for Transportation 2004 (SP-1827)
  • Transmission & Driveline Symposium 2004 (SP-1817)

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