SAE 2016 Thermal Management Systems Symposium

October 18-20, 2016

Mesa, Arizona, USA

Sheraton Mesa Hotel

Symposium Organizers

John Rugh John Rugh

Task Leader - Electric Drive Vehicle Climate Control Reduction Project
Task Leader - Vehicle Integrated Thermal Management Project
DOE, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

John Rugh works at the Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory in the Transportation and Hydrogen Systems Center where the mission is to assist the automotive industry to reduce the nation's consumption of oil for transportation. John is the task leader of the Electric Drive Vehicle Climate Control Reduction project where the team is researching ways to reduce the impact of climate control on range. John is also the task leader the Vehicle Integrated Thermal Management project. The objective of this project is to research opportunities to reduce vehicle cost and complexity by combining fluid loops in advanced vehicles such as plug-in hybrids.

Bashar AbdulNour Bashar S. AbdulNour, Ph.D.
Supervisor, Thermal Systems Analysis
Ford Motor Company

Dr. Bashar AbdulNour is currently the Supervisor of the Thermal Systems Analysis team at Ford Motor Company. He leads a team of engineers working on developing technologies for electrified vehicle applications. His areas of expertise are thermal management, CFD, and systems engineering. He is a certified Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Black Belt. Previously, AbdulNour was Manager of the Thermal Analysis and Validation Group at General Dynamics Land Systems. He led a team of analysis and testing engineers working on the design and development of thermal systems of all types of ground vehicles. AbdulNour holds three graduate degrees from Michigan State University, including a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. He has published more than 55 journal and conference papers and is co-organizer of the Climate Control Session of SAE World Congress since 2001 and was the technical keynote speaker in 2014. Currently, he is Vice Chairman of SAE Thermal Management Activity Committee.

Ales Alajbegovic Ales Alajbegovic
Vice President - Ground Transportation Applications
Exa Corporation

Ales Alajbegovic received his Ph.D. in Engineering Physics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He started at Exa Corporation as the Applications Manager responsible for the development of external aerodynamics applications using Lattice-Boltzmann Method. His next appointment was at AVL where he was a Team Leader responsible for the development of the multiphase flow CFD capabilities in FIRE code. After AVL he joined General Dynamics as a Senior Research Scientist. He is currently a Vice President responsible for the ground transportation applications at Exa Corporation.

Jeffrey Bozeman Jeffrey Bozeman
Vehicle Performance Engineer - Cabin Human Thermal Comfort and HVAC Technology
General Motors

Jeff (aka Iceman) is a Vehicle Performance Engineer at General Motors working in Cabin Human Thermal Comfort and HVAC technology. Jeff is focused on finding ways to improve driver and passenger thermal comfort while using the absolute minimum amount of energy possible.

His team uses Thermal Physiology to pinpoint exactly where climate control small air streams will provide maximum comfort without blasting cold or hot air where it is unneeded. Digital Thermal Physiology models are used by the team, as math the best physiological model of the human anatomy. Virtual testing speeds vehicle development, allowing climate control innovations to reach customers faster.

Jeff has worked in HVAC for 27 years following a BSME from Kettering University and a MSME from University of Michigan where he specialized in fluid dynamics and heat transfer. Jeffrey is a past chairman of the SAE Thermal Management Committee and has co-authored SAE papers. He has been an organizer for the SAE Congress Climate Control Technical Sessions since 2003.

Hector Cano Hector Cano
Senior Heat Exchanger Engineer
Bergstrom Inc

Hector Cano is a Senior Heat Exchanger Engineer at Bergstrom Inc in Rockford, IL. He has over 15 years of experience in development and testing HVAC, PTC and Thermal systems at the Automotive Industry. He holds a Masters in Integrated Vehicle Systems Engineering from Purdue University and a Certificate in Design for Costumer Value and Market Success from Stanford University.

Edward Gerges Edward Gerges

Edward started his career in automotive after finishing his Master degree in Engineering from McMaster University in 1999. With a specialty in Heat transfer, it was a natural extension to join Dana working on heat exchanger design and manufacturing.

Edward spent his early industrial career applying engineering theories to optimize heat transfer surfaces. He spent 7 years working with CAE and research groups. He also managed fundamental research with several universities in the area of heat transfer and emission reduction applications.

With his technical background, Edward pursued his MBA gaining an in-depth understanding of business management. Specialized in management of innovation and strategic marketing he obtained his part time degree in 2009.

Since 2006 Edward is focusing on new and emerging technologies. He is working closely with OEMs to design and develop new products and opening new markets for Dana's emerging technologies. He serves as a technical expert in several SAE steering committees. He also serves as a member of board of directors for Green Auto Powertrain, an industrial initiative sponsored by the Government of Ontario.

Wilko Jansen Wilko Jansen
Technical Specialist
Thermal Management
Jaguar Land Rover

Wilko Jansen is the Thermal Management Technical Specialist at Jaguar Land Rover since 2003. His responsibilities include setting out the Thermal management strategy within Jaguar Land Rover, delivering methods and capability and leading the development for thermal management on all Jaguar Land Rover vehicles. His current focus is on the simulation methods, driving the virtual engineering of the Thermal attribute within Jaguar Land Rover. Areas covered under his remit are: Thermal Performance, Thermal Energy Management, Heat protection, Electrification, Brake cooling, and infotainment thermal management.

He has over 20 years of experience in the Automotive industry in the fields of Thermal Management, Aerodynamics and Powertrain cooling ranging from simulation to physical testing.

Wilko received his degree from 'The Institute of Automotive Engineering' in the Netherlands. He is an active member of the SAE Thermal Management Systems Activity and has organised and chaired technical sessions.

Dr. Vamshi M. Korivi Dr. Vamshi M. Korivi
Mechanical Engineer

Dr. Korivi is presently working as a team leader for the Thermal & Signature modeling team at US Army, Tank Automotive Research and Development Center (TARDEC) in Michigan where he oversees fluid & thermal simulation work related to Army ground vehicle fire suppression, propulsion cooling, Hydrodynamics, and cabin cooling. Until 2008, Dr. Korivi worked as a senior technical specialist in the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Centre of Competency (COC) at Chrysler Corporation where he dealt with simulation of powertrain systems, in-cylinder combustion, propulsion cooling, manufacturing and HVAC. Dr. Korivi has about 20 years of experience in the area of CFD and his work resulted in more than thirty technical publications. In 1995, Dr. Korivi received his Ph. D. degree in Mechanical Engineering with emphasis on CFD from Old Dominion University. Dr. Korivi's graduate research was funded through U.S. Army AVSCOM and NASA Langley research center.

Kevin Laboe Kevin Laboe
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Currently responsible for FCA's Advanced Powertrain Thermal Management Group - including powertrain cooling system architecture creation for the new Powertrains and development of advanced waste heat technologies. Responsible to develop Fuel Economy solutions that combine vehicle and powertrain efficiencies.

Over 25 years of experience in the Automotive Industry with American Motors, Chrysler, DaimlerChrysler, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Responsible for the development and release of Aerodynamics, Powertrain Cooling and Climate Control Systems for many vehicle production programs from product creation through production. Five years of experience in the Aerospace field with G.E. Aircraft Engine Company and Williams International. Has been involved in system architecture design for HVAC and Powertrain Cooling Systems. Holds several Climate Control, Engine Cooling and Hybrid patents, as well as, a patent pending in ORC Systems.

In addition to TMSS, Kevin has been a session chair to the European Workshop Mobile AC & Vehicle Thermal Systems, as well as, a member of the original organizing committee for VTMS. He has presented several technical papers to SAE, VTMS, ASME and a Daimler Technical Conference. Received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at MTU in 1982.

Jason Lustbader Jason Lustbader
Center for Transportation and Hydrogen Systems
Department of Energy, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Jason Lustbader is a Senior Research Engineer at the Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory in the Center for Transportation and Hydrogen Systems, which he joined in 2001. The center's mission is to help reduce our national transportation fuel use and emissions, improving national energy security. He leads NREL's CoolCab, heavy-vehicle thermal management research project. Working closely with industry partners, the CoolCab team is researching solutions to reduce heavy-duty vehicle climate control fuel use and improve advanced thermal systems. Jason's other recent research interests include traction drive power electronics cooling and light-duty vehicle climate control. Jason holds a B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Gursaran Mathur Gursaran Mathur

Dr. Gursaran D. Mathur is working as a Technical Specialist, Climate Control & Sr. Manager in Development Engineering at Calsonic Kansei North America, Farmington Hills, MI. His responsibilities at Calsonic Kansei include product design, development and research in the area of automotive thermal systems. Dr. Mathur's specialization is in the areas of heating ventilating and air conditioning of automotive, residential, and commercial AC systems; Indoor Air Quality and Cabin Comfort; Heat Exchangers including internally and externally enhanced surfaces; Two-phase fluid-flow and heat transfer (boiling and condensation); Alternate Refrigerants; Heat recovery systems including two-phase thermosiphon loops and heat pipe heat exchangers; System and component modeling of thermal systems; Experimentation in the HVAC/Thermal systems; and Solar Heating and Cooling. He has published 100 technical papers in the area of thermal systems. He is listed as a significant contributor for the ASHRAE Handbooks for 1992, 1996, 2000; 2004; 2007; 2008; 2011; 2012 and has edited 6 books. He is a fellow of SAE, ASHRAE and ASME. He is the past chairman of SAE's technical committee on Thermal Systems Management and has received SAE's Forest R. McFarland and Lloyd L.Withthrow Distinguished Speaker Awards. He is also a recipient of ASME's best paper award on the "Performance Enhancement of Residential AC systems" and ASHRAE's "Distinguished Service" and "George B. Hightower" awards. He is serving on many ASHRAE technical committees and is the current chairman on TC 9.3 on Automobile Air Conditioning. He is a registered professional engineer and is a member.

Christophe Petitjean Christophe Petitjean

Dr. Christophe Petitjean gained his PhD in Energy Sciences by 1992. He joined Valeo Climate Control in June 1992 as Thermodynamic Engineer. Then he was in charge of experimental benches and simulation tools together with A/C loop engineering management. He was involved in Alternate Refrigerant since 1994 within the RACE project until 2010 as Alternate MAC System Program Director in Valeo. Since 2011, he is Low Emission Thermal System Program Director and by 2016 Worldwide Test Laboratory Director in Valeo Thermal System Business Group. Outside Valeo, he is also member of various organizations such as SAE Standard Committee, UN IPCC/Technical Economical Assessment Panel (Kyoto Protocol). Latest, he is Chairman of the Expected New Emission Regulations CLEPA (EU supplier Association) for CO2 and Pollutants tailpipe Emissions.

Ronald Semel Ronald Semel

Ronald Semel is a technical expert in the area of thermal management systems and heat exchanger design. He is currently a Thermal Systems Research Engineer for Ford Motor Company. Ron has also held technical leadership positions with various companies including Visteon, Ricardo, BAE Systems and most recently General Motors. He has been responsible for creating new and innovate technologies and processes for thermal management systems and has been award three patents and published 3 technical papers. Ron earned a B.S. in Engineering Physics from The University of Arizona and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Oakland University. He is a member of the SAE Thermal Management Systems Activity and has organized and chaired numerous technical sessions as well as being an associate editor for the SAE Journal of Mechanical Engineering.

Alaa El-Sharkawy Alaa El-Sharkawy
Manager-Technical Fellow
Thermal Systems
Chrysler Group, LLC

Dr. EL-Sharkawy is a Technical fellow at Chrysler Group. His responsibilities include development of best practices and guidelines for component packaging, vehicle instrumentation, thermal testing, and material thermal degradation. He also develops analytical tools for time-temperature analysis, transient component temperatures estimates. He has over 25 years of automotive experience in the area of vehicle thermal management. He has developed and taught training classes for Chrysler engineers in the areas of thermal protection, material thermal degradation and applications of heat transfer in vehicle thermal management. Dr. El-Sharkawy received his PhD in Chemical Engineering from Wayne State University. He is a certified professional engineer and a certified DFSS black belt recipient.

Kumar Srinivasan Kumar Srinivasan
Manager of Vehicle CFD Group
Chrysler Group, LLC

Kumar Srinivasan is the Manager of Vehicle CFD Group at Chrysler Group LLC, responsible for simulations to support aero/acoustic development, cooling/thermal management and HVAC systems design. He has over 18 years of experience in application of simulation tools in the automotive industry and over 25 papers in various aspects of simulation technology. He has been a member of the SAE Thermal Systems committee for the past 10 years and also served as its Chairman from 2011-2013. Kumar holds a doctoral degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Cincinnati.

Andrew Sutherland Andrew Sutherland
Technical Specialist for Thermal Management

Andy Sutherland has been a Technical Specialist for thermal management at BorgWarner since 2012. He is a member of the BorgWarner Corporate Advanced Engineering team based at the BorgWarner Powertrain Technical Center in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Reporting to the Chief Technology Officer, Andy is responsible for assessing and developing new technologies for the company. He also supports global development of new thermal technologies and helps set the direction for BorgWarner's thermal management strategy.

Andy received his degree in Automotive Engineering Design from the University of Coventry in the United Kingdom. Before joining BorgWarner, Andy spent 18 years at Ricardo, leading thermal management activities for the North American office for seven of those years.

Sudhi Uppuluri Sudhi Uppuluri

Sudhi Uppuluri is the Principal Investigator and founder at Computational Sciences Experts group. He has over 15 years of experience in system simulation of automotive and aerospace systems. He holds a Masters in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a Certificate in Strategy and Innovation from the MIT Sloan School of business.

Tao Zhan Tao Zhan
Air Resources Engineer
California Air Resources Board

Dr. Tao Zhan is an Air Resources Engineer at the California Air Resources Board. He is the agency's staff lead on greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicle air conditioning systems. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Riverside. He is a licensed professional engineer in mechanical engineering.



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