SAE-TONGJI 2016 Driving Technology of Intelligent Vehicle Symposium

September 22, 2016

Shanghai, China

Grand Metro Park Hotel Kunshan



Time Organizers
  Session Speaker/Company Presentation title (italics=not final)
8:45-9:00Welcome and Introduction speechProf. Zhuoping YU; Other (TBD)
 Environmental sensors and sensor fusion / Session 200Chair: Prof. Jie BAI
9:00Expert of Changan Automotive USAutonomous Driving Technology
9:30 Gaoming FANG - Tongji UniversityAn ADAS-oriented Virtual EPS Platform Based on the Force Feedback Actuator of the Steer-by-Wire System /2016-01-1905
10:00Jiao GUO - Jilin UniversityA Novel Method of Radar Modeling for Vehicle Intelligence /2016-01-1892
10:30Xin BI - Shenyang Institute of Automation, CASA Multi-Function Automotive MM-Wave Radar Design / 2016-01-1895
 Universals of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles / Session 300Chair: Prof. Weiwen DENG
11:30Zhenyi LIU - ASCL Jilin UniversityPhysical Modeling Method on Ultrasonic Sensors for Virtual Intelligent Driving / 2016-01-1901
12:00Yafei WANG - Shanghai Jiaotong UniversityLateral State Estimation for Lane Keeping Control of Electric Vehicles considering Sensor Sampling Mismatch Issue/ 2016-01-1900
12:30Tao WANG - Jilin UniversityModeling on GPS with Software-Centered Observation Errors /2016-01-1903
 ADAS and Autonomous Driving Technologies / Session 100Chair: Prof. Chaozhuo CHEN
14:00Libo HUANG - Tongji UniversityAnalyze Signal Processing Software for Millimeter-Wave Automotive Radar System by Using SystemVue and MATLAB / 2016-01-1879
14:30Jun HU - Northeastern UniversityReal-time Pedestrian Detection using Convolutional Neural Network on Embedded Platform / 2016-01-1877
15:00YuXiang FENGPosition estimation and autonomous control of a quad vehicle / 2016-01-1878
15:30Qiang TU - Tongji UniversityA Potential Field Based Lateral Planning Method for Autonomous Vehicles / 2016-01-1874
16:00HuiSheng MA - POTEVIOA V2X Design for 5G Network based on Requirements of Autonomous Driving / 2016-01-1887


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