Aviation Maintenance & Human Factors Workshop & Symposium

May 17-18, 2005
Crowne Plaza
Arlington, Texas, USA

Aviation is considered one of the safest means of travel in the world today, yet every now and again, an accident occurs which shakes our complacency. When we look to the accident cause, we look for a chain of events that could be a series of simple errors that led up to the event.

Human factors have been identified as the last area in which significant gains in aviation safety are possible. Persistently, some 70-80% of accidents are attributed to human error. This has made the topic a high priority with operators, regulators, and researchers.

This program was put together to improve standards of safety in aviation by promoting better industry understanding of human factors, hazards, and techniques for dealing with them, and identifying the cause of human error and its impact on safety in the maintenance departments.

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