Nanotechnology - Inner Value Symposium

May 11-12, 2004
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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What is nanotechnology and how is it impacting the automotive industry?
By definition, nanotechnology is a fabrication technology in which objects are designed and built by the specification and placement of individual atoms or molecules or where at least one dimension is on a scale of nanometers (i.e. one billionth (10-9) of a meter or 1/80,000 the diameter of a human hair). The ability to systematically organize and manipulate matter on the nanometer length scale allows for the fabrication of an entirely new generation of products that are cleaner, stronger, lighter, and more precise.

While nanotechnology is in the "pre-competitive" stage (i.e. applied use is limited), it will change or redefine all known technologies and markets in the 21st century. The automotive industry will benefit from this dominating trend by advancing its powertrains, increasing fuel efficiency, lowering pollutant emissions, improving energy storage, using better lubricants, reducing car weight, enhancing material functions, and raising cost efficiency. This symposium will provide insight into the near- and long-term implications this technology has on the automotive industry. Featuring presentations by leading researchers from academia and industry, you will learn the latest research, trends, and technological advances surrounding Nanotechnology and how it will revolutionize the automotive industry.

Plus, tour the world-class Seagate Research Center!
Regarded as the pre-eminent academic research center in the world of magnetic storage, it's at this facility where technology leaders and industry veterans work on visionary, alternatives for the future of storage technologies and other nanotechnology applications that might be integrated into future products. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity. Register today!

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