The SAE/TTA-Group Open Forum is designed to provide a platform for exchange of know-how by industry experts and to discuss the time-triggered integration, system design and applications using Ethernet and time-triggered technologies. This time, we are focusing on unified Ethernet-based networking for advanced system integration in time-, mission-, and safety-critical systems.

Who Should Attend

  • System Engineers
  • Advanced System Engineers & Managers
  • Architecture and System Platform Managers
  • Program and System Integration Engineers & Managers
  • Embedded, Distributed and Control Systems Engineers
  • System Designers and Software/Hardware Engineers
  • Software/Hardware Tools and Methodology Managers
  • Research and Technology Managers
  • Purchasing Managers
  • Academia

Key Topics of Discussion

  • Deterministic Real-Time Ethernet/Converged Ethernet
  • TTP-based Platforms
  • Ethernet-based Platforms for Distributed Controls or Audio/Video Streaming
  • Ethernet in Backplane Applications
  • Distributed Integrated Modular Architectures
  • Mixed-Criticality Systems with Ethernet
  • Migration: CAN/MIL-1553 to Ethernet Network