K&C Rig Workshop

Use of Kinematics and Compliance Measurement for Simulation of Heavy Truck Vehicle Dynamics
Monday May 4, 2009
12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Michelin Americas Research Corporation
515 Michelin Road
Greenville, SC 29605

In conjunction with the 2009 SAE Heavy Truck Handling, Dynamics and Control Symposium, Michelin Americas Research Company (MARC) will hold a half-day seminar on the afternoon of May 4 on kinematics and compliance testing, results and use of data for heavy truck vehicle dynamics analysis.

The seminar topics include:

  • Vehicle dynamics simulation approach: multi-body vs. functional suspension models,
  • The science (and art) of completing kinematics and compliance measurements on heavy trucks, including steering characterization, vertical and roll kinematics, longitudinal and lateral compliance, and chassis flexibility,
  • Guided visit of the Michelin Americas Research Company heavy truck kinematics and compliance test rig,
  • Review of characteristics for typical heavy-truck suspensions, including several case studies,
  • Trucksim model development from:
    • Kinematics and compliance data,
    • Tire force and moment characteristics,
    • Braking system,
    • Electronic aids: ABS and ESC simulation, and
    • Additional parameters (sprung / unsprung mass, Cg position, inertia, etc.)
  • Validation of simulation results, including steady-state understeer, random steer, brake in curve and avoidance / rollover maneuvers.