Heavy duty trucks must share the road with passenger cars and everyone's safety is a concern. Advances in vehicle dynamics technology are increasing the control and handling of heavy trucks making them safer to operate and affecting the safety of other vehicles on the road; but growing road congestion and possible government regulation are becoming the principal influences in future vehicle design.

Your knowledge of the solutions, tools and trends affecting heavy truck design is critical.

The SAE 2009 Heavy Truck Handling, Dynamics & Control Symposium will examine various technologies related to heavy truck ride and handling dynamics and control, and their impacts on OEMs, Suppliers, and the overall heavy truck industry. It will explore technologies in the R & D pipeline, particularly those designed to provide an extra measure of safety for truck operators and the motoring public, including some military applications.

This symposium provides you with the opportunity to review and discuss the technology and prepares you to meet future government requirements and supply safer vehicles to the market.

The symposium includes:

  • Technical content featuring expert presentation
  • Access to technology leaders with open and cooperative dialogue
  • Networking opportunities that promote discussion, professional interaction and collaboration

Benefit from presentations of new strategies for vehicle handling, dynamics, safety and control; and interaction with colleagues from other OEMs and supplier companies, research facilities, government and academia.

Technology topics include:

  • New Stability and Safety Control Technologies
  • Electronic Stability Controls (ESC)
  • Tire Vehicle Integration
  • Disc Brakes, ABS, ECBS
  • Rollover Prevention
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Vehicle Dynamics Simulation
  • Testing & Measurement
  • Government Regulations Related to Trucks