Technical Presentations

SAE 2009 Heavy Truck Handling, Dynamics & Control Symposium
May 5-7, 2009;
Clemson University - International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR);
Greenville, South Carolina, USA

  • Scott E Bogard, University of Michigan - Presentation of the Results from an Extended Pilot Study of an Integrated Vehicle-Based Safety System for Heavy Trucks
  • Klaus Prenninger - Objective Handling Evaluation of Heavy Trucks by means of Model based Parameter Identification
  • Michael Arant, Michelin - Heavy Truck Measurement, Modeling, and Evaluation
  • Josh Isser, ETAS - Verification of Heavy Truck Chassis Control Embedded Software

  • Daniel Williams, TRW Commercial Steering - Artificial Steering Feel on Commercial Vehicles
  • Eanna P. Timoney, Timoney Research Ltd. - Articulated Dump Truck Independent Suspension

Electronic Stability Controls (ESC)
  • Saied Taheri, Virginia Polytechnic - Development of Nash Optimal Strategy for Tractor-Trailer Stability Control System
  • John Limroth, Clemson University - ICAR, Tractor and ESC Co-Simulation and Investigation of Adaptive Stability Control Approaches
  • Bapiraju Surampudi Ph.D., Southwest Research Institute, High Speed Electronic Stability Control System Demonstration on an Urban Autonomous Ground Vehicle
  • Peter Tkacik, University of North Carolina - Charlotte, Steering Wheel Haptic Feedback System for Indication and Rollover Avoidance in a Heavy Commercial Vehicle

  • Sameh Maher Metwalley Ph.D, Helwan University - Tire Model Investigation in Longitudinal Direction using the Magic Formula
  • Alrik L. Svenson, National Highway Safety Administration - Development and Validation of Hardware in the Loop Simulation for Studying Heavy Truck Stability Control Effectiveness
  • Peter D. Schmitt & Frederic Jacquelin, Ricardo Inc. - Robust Vehicle Dynamics Simulation using Neural Network Response Surface Generation
  • Dr. Thomas Gillespie, Mechanical Simulation Corp. - Simulation Applications in the Development and Testing of Heavy Vehicles