SAE 2013 Vehicle Electronics and Powertrain Technologies Forum

December 10-11, 2013

Shanghai, China

Shanghai New International Expo Centre

The SAE International Vehicle Electronics and Powertrain Technologies Forum is a combined two-day event that covers Electronic Systems for Vehicle Propulsion, Electric Powertrain Technology and High Efficiency Combustion Engine.

The two-day forum will cover the following:

Electronic Systems for Vehicle Propulsion

This track addresses the trends, the challenges and the solutions of electronic systems controlling vehicle propulsion. It covers the controls of EREV, BEV, & FCEV, Transmission & drivelines, xEV Applications and electrification. The focus is on: electrification and the impacts of the various systems.

Session Topics Include:

  • Market & Challenges for EREV, BEV & FCEV
  • Battery Management
  • Fuel Cell Control Systems
  • 48V- hybridization architecture
  • E-mobility for China

Electric Powertrain Technologies

This one-day track offers a focus on e-motors and will cover the major trends and players in the worldwide e-motor industry. It will provide insight into the major design characteristics and performance of permanent magnet and induction motors used for electrified vehicles. It will examine various materials used in e-motors including various alloys used for magnets and materials used for motor windings and stators.

Session Topics include:

  • e-Motor Trends: This session will outline progress in their development and e-motor engineering trends in China, and throughout the world.
  • e-Motor Types and Materials: This session will focus on the development and validation of advanced materials and manufacturing methods being developed for various xEV applications.
  • e-Motor Standards and Development: this session will deal with issues related to international approaches to harmonizing standards and traction performance specifications in the global automotive industry.
  • Low Speed e-Motor Development and Production will look at the role of low-speed EV applications can play in China‚Äôs quest for e-mobility.

High Efficiency Combustion Engine

This track will focus on the near- and long-term role of the internal combustion engine in advanced vehicles. The technical program will highlight development and calibration; high efficiency combustion and controls; advances in turbo machinery, valve technology or ignition systems; and emission control challenges.

Session topics include:

  • Advanced lubricants and low-conductivity materials with high mechanical and thermal tolerance and durability
  • Advanced, low-temperature combustion techniques
  • Improved understanding and modeling of heat loss mechanisms
  • Electrification and intelligent control of accessory loads
  • Possible redesign of mechanical systems (e.g., variable stroke for fully expanded cycles)
  • High-efficiency turbo-machinery to extract exhaust energy and provide boost

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