SAE 2014 Vehicle Electronics and Powertrain Technologies Forum

December 10-11, 2014

Shanghai, China

Holiday Inn Shanghai Jinxiu Hotel

The SAE Vehicle Electronics and Powertrain Technologies Forum will provide an open technical forum for engineers in advanced automotive powertrain design, hybrid electric vehicle design, xEV component suppliers, transportation authorities, automobile design consultants and automobile maintainers/sustainers, to get an overview of automobile design processes from concept to production, including power electronics design, motor design, battery management, 48V applications, fuel cells, modeling and simulation, and standardization.

This first day of the symposium will focus on electric motors and covers the major trends and players in the worldwide electric motor industry. It will provide insight into the major design characteristics and performance of permanent magnet and induction motors used for electrified vehicles. It will examine various materials used in electric motors including various alloys used for magnets and materials used for motor windings and stators.

The focus of the second day of symposium is to address the trends, the challenges and the solutions of electronic systems controlling vehicle propulsion. Presentations will covers the controls of HEV, EV and FCEV Engines, Transmission & drivelines, xEV Applications and electrification. The emphasis of the presentations is on: electrification and the impacts of the various systems. Experts from OEM, Integrators, Tier suppliers and Academia will address issues critical to the automotive industry

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