Disclaimer Statement

The purpose of this Session is the open exchange of ideas, therefore, remarks made by a participant or member of the audience cannot be quoted or attributed to either the individual or the individual's company; no recording of participants remarks or discussion is permitted.

Pictures of any material shown here are not permitted. As many of you may already know, SAE has established an Award for Excellence in Oral Presentation. Its purpose is to encourage high quality in technical presentations by recognizing outstanding speakers. It is intended that only those making unusually good presentations should receive this special recognition.

Some of you have been asked to complete Rating Forms. Please rate only the presentations themselves and not the technical papers. The Assistant Chairperson will collect the forms from you as you leave. These ratings will serve as a basis for nominating speakers to receive the SAE Award for Excellence in Oral Presentation. The conscientious efforts of the evaluators and everyone involved with this program are sincerely appreciated. At the end of the session, give the cards to the Assistant Chairman as you leave. Thank you for your assistance.


XIII.A Attachment 6